Remote administration tools work like desktop sharing. You can use these tools to access the information on another computer system secretly.  Plus you can also keep an eye on the targeted system remotely from your over computer system.

In the past the remote administration tools only worked for desktops whereas now you can find android remote administration tools that allow you to control an android smartphone, tablet or a smart watch remotely from your desktop system or smartphone.

Desktop sharing and the Remote Administration tools that are available in the market have many legal uses but in most case these RATs are used for unauthorized and malicious activities. Some of the top Android RATs are discussed below in the article.

The Best Remote Administration Tools 2019

There are a bunch of Android RATs that have been launched in the market in the past year but the ones that have topped out list are;


DroidJack is on the top of the list because this android RAT comes with a user-friendly GUI that is quite easy to get used to. Plus the number of features offered by DroidJack is unmatchable so you can keep an eye on your loved ones using DroidJack. Download DroidJack Full Version to enjoy its features.

2.      OMNIRAT

OmniRAT is a powerful android remote administration tool that comes with some amazing features. Unlike the other RATs, OmniRAT is completely undetectable by the anti-viruses. Plus you can run it as a server on any of the operating systems as it would work on your smartphone, desktop and even MAC. So download OmniRAT Full Version to get access to its features.

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3.      ANDRORAT

AndroRAT is RAT software that develops a client server relation between the hacker and the victim. The RAT is written in Java script and Swing thus you can remotely access the targeted smartphone through your phone and desktop. You can download AndroRAT full version to get your hands on its remarkable features.

4.      JSPY

JSPY is one of the best RAT softwares available in terms of security. In most cases the software can’t be detected by anti-viruses. Now you can download JSPY Full Version because it comes with some advanced features.

5.      NJRAT

NJRAT is one of the best RATs that provide you with a number of features that allow you to remotely take control of other desktop systems. You can download NJRAT Full Version and check out its full features.


These are the best remote administration tools that are available online. You can easily download them and enjoy the power to control other systems with ease.

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