As we all knew that lockdown, To stay in touch with family and friends more and more people, is turning to video calling. Chatting and video calling through video apps is an excellent way to feel less lost and even you can have some fun when you may not be able to physically meet them.

Presently, there is plenty of family-friendly games that you can play during your Zoom, FaceTime, HouseParty calls to make them even more thrilling. Here’s the list of best FaceTime games to play with friends. But there are other facetime games for kids as well that can keep you busy with them over video applications like facetime, skype, zoom and so on.

1. Would You Rather

The first game that we have on the list of best Facetime games to play with friends is Would You Rather. It is a classic and perfect game that you can play over FaceTime with friends. Moreover, to play this game you don’t have to share your screen or any other special equipment you just need yourself and your imagination.

Moreover, to play this game you are going to need a minimum of two players. However, if you have more players this will make the game even more exciting. Both the players need to come up with some hard-choice questions for one another and each player will need to choose an answer.

For instance, you can ask would you rather only eat pepperoni pizza for the rest of your life, or never eat it again? In short, it is an outstanding, easy to play that can involve all your family and friends and makes for a great laugh as regards the tough questions. Moreover, players can take turns comping up with more questions, and obtaining information about each other with each answer.

However, you need to be more cautious as the time is going to whizz past when you are all enjoying yourselves. Moreover, you can go to Google to search for lists of kid-friendly Would You Rather questions in case you are having a hard time coming up with questions.

2. The Word Game

The Word Game is another game that we have on the list of best FaceTime Games to play with friends. You can play this game on any video calling application if you have yourself and your brain. Players have to take turns coming up with words beginning with the last letter of the word that the former player has stated.

For instance, in case you have selected the word “apple” and so on then, the other player should come up with a word starting with the letter “e” and so on. However, you will lose the game when you will not be able to think of a word starting with the letter. This FaceTIme game to play with friends is an excellent technique to get competitive and enjoy under pressure at the same time you are catching up with your friends and family. Moreover, this is one of the most liked FaceTime games to play with kids as well.

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3. Hangman

Next, we have Hangman on the list of top FaceTime games to play with friends and family. This is one of the most familiar and admired FaceTime games that one can play with family and friends. Moreover, no age limit is required to play this game. The players of this game are just going to need a pen and paper and you are ready to play through the camera.

All the members that are playing the game can take a turn coming up with words and guessing them. However, the game can be played on any video calling app. For instance, you can draw on the whiteboard of Zoom and share the screen for a more visual representation of everything in case you want to take it on a virtual level.

4. Rock, Paper, and Scissors

Playing rock, scissors, and paper over Zoom is the best means to get youngers to interact with the rest of their family and friends. It is also the perfect way to come little ones out of their shells and interact with others. Moreover, it is not difficult to play. It helps your younger members to improve their fast thinking skills and have lots of giggles as it goes on. However, every little bit of this game is about timeliness and speed.

In addition, a fast internet connection and videos with high-end quality are required. The winner will be those who got more points at the end of the game. Here, I also want to advised that you don’t need to worried if your kids want to play this game again and again because it is totally safe and have a lot of fun.

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