Updating your current business logo?

Or, maybe, you’re having an all new, fantastically designed custom logo design for your business, right?

In both scenarios, you must not forget some ground rules to rate your newly designed business logo. Yes, there are certain rules that help you conclude if the logo meets the essential standards to be used as your business logo?

To make things easier for you, here are some technical mistakes that you must avoid at any cost. Because if you ignore them, you’re simply pushing your custom logo design (plus, the time and money you invested) towards a thumbs down.

Uneven Font Selection

Using typography in business logos is quite common and many big names, in industry, have used this approach in which the big names include Coca Cola, Amazon and Google. And it’s considered very modest way of designing a professional logo for any business.

The problem starts when you (or your rookie designer) have very little idea about font family and acceptable combination for fonts. Generally, serif and san-serif never go along for logo designing purposes and you have to be very specific which one to use.

If you don’t want to make fun out of your custom logo design, you must not lock two uneven fonts for your business logo. Because without keeping proportion in both of them, you’ll end up in designing an awful logo for your business.

Unaligned Typography

Ever heard about kerning and alignment in logo design?

In kerning, we measure each letter’s distance from others and also count the width and height of each character.

Why do we do that?

In designing, the spacing plays an important role for evaluating if itis done professionally or if it’s a work of a non-designer. Because a poor kerning will turn your custom logo design into a big disaster that’s not good for your branding plans.

Before you lock a logo for permanent use as your business logo, you must ensure its perfectly aligned from all angles which is a common mistake that rookies make.

Confusing Design

Every custom logo design starts with a basic brainstorm session.

Take a minute and recall if you discussed the inspiration of your business logo with your designer or started everything just right away?

One of the mistakes that a rookie logo designer would make is to design something random or too complex to be understood by masses. This is not the way you should initiate your logo design!

Always have a clear plan about how you want your logo to be designed or at least the genre of your professional logo would be sufficient.

Unadaptable Format

Nope! Your name (in Times New Roman) can’t be used as a business logo.

Though you can use the black and white typographic logo design approach but it should be adaptable according to different platforms.

Just make sure that your logo is not hidden on certain surfaces due to having same color and no alternative design for such scenarios.

Poor Color Selection

Before you leave this page, here’s another mistake that decrease logo’s quality.

Make sure to select your custom logo design’s color very wisely as they can invigorate the emotions attached with your business logo. Look at Google, Target, and Pepsi that used color very creatively for strengthening their branding strategies. And with the right color selection, you can crack the road to success for your business’s branding, too.

Comment below and let us know your rookie mistakes for designing the custom logo for your business.