How to Spy on the Android Phone Remotely

We live in a digital world that provides a facility to everyone approach all kinds of content. With the access of cell phone we can do whatever we want after getting internet we interact all sort of people. Moreover, this technology is great for kids to get approach and take benefit but have thrilling for parents. At a conscious level, they make sure their kids are not doing shameful things within their smartphones.

As same, the responsible employer wants to make their employees more productive. And all employers want to keep an eye on their staff activities. People concern and make sure about the online activities of others. So, there is a way to spy the online activities for the tracking of digital devices. Hence, they go for monitoring of their staff members and kids. However, you use the android spy app for the proper tracking of android phones.

Is it possible to spy on android phones remotely?

First of all, I’ll clarify the several minds regarding the monitoring of android devices. People think they can spy on the targeted person without touching the device. But one thing that should clear into mind is that you have to install the software into the targeted device. Once you install the application into the targeted phone then it enabling for secretly monitoring of smartphones. People can track all about the targeted devices. It makes sure you about the smartphone activities of others for legitimate reasons.

I think it should be clear in your mind without physical access to the targeted device you couldn’t do it.

Which is the best android spy app?

There is plenty of monitoring software available for cell phone spying. But you should know about best monitoring solutions for android. Today, we discuss one of the best spying software for cellphones.  You should know all about the tracking application that provides ways to spy the digital. Parents can spy on their kid’s smartphones and employees track their staff activities at working place.

TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app

TheOneSpy is one of the best spy apps for tracking smartphones. Its use is for the tracking of smartphones and other digital devices. This application is used for tracking purposes. This software allows the user to complete monitoring of android phones. It allows spying the smartphones including the messages, call logs, internet browsing history, password chaser, or other activities. This is best for employee monitoring or kids monitoring.

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The helpful features that allow remotely monitoring

  • Call logs & recording
  • Live 360 streaming
  • Call restriction
  • Social media tracking
  • Password chaser
  • SMS tracking
  • Contact viewing
  • Remote operation
  • Screenshots
  • Screen recording
  • Email monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • Web filtering
  • Bugging
  • Photo viewing
  • Key logger
  • How to spy the android cell phones remotely

You should be well aware of the way to spy the android phones secretly. Here, we tell you way to define the way to install the cell phone spy application.

The complete installation procedure

Step #1 Visit the official page of TOS

It is the first step that requires spy the digital devices. For this, you must visit the official page of TOS for selecting the spy app.

 Step #2 Subscribe to the spy app

After, you visit the official page of TOS website. You must need to subscribe the page for the official tracking of the tracking device.

Steps # 3 get the Email or ID

After the subscription to the official page, you will receive an email or ID password for the spying of your android cell phone.

Step # 4 Get physical access of the targeted device

Now you need to get physical access to the targeted android phone to install the app.

Step # 5 Accesses to the web portal

Now you need the credential for getting access to the web portal of TOS. Here you can easily download the recording files targeted device.


Weather, your child is involved in the online bad habit or an employee’s unproductive activities. You can easily find out the unethical or unnecessary activities. TheOneSpy allows the user to get access to the targeted devices for secret monitoring. This is one of the best spy applications that can track android devices.

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