PUBG Mobile (VN)

PUBG MOBILE (VN) is a PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS’ Vietnamese version for smartphones. This is a special version directed toward Vietnam where players can access as guests and also identify themselves through social networks, like Google.

What is PUBG Mobile (VN)?

It is an action game that challenges the players to participate in wars that involve hundred real players to fight in an isolated land until just one of them remains the last of the battalion. For that very purpose, you need to go further, collect weapons, and ensure other teams don’t kill you. As the time passes, the fights will get wilder and wilder.

Seasoned players of PUBG will notice the differences between the original and Vietnamese versions. The control system is brilliantly revised from the original one, along with other essential features. Just like the original one, you can drive cars, enter buildings, and collect as many weapons as you can, etc.


This game flawlessly runs on smartphones with its setup features. The visuals are adjustable and the controls can be customized to give you the best gaming experience that fulfills your battleground expectations.

PUBG Mobile (VN), being an outstanding adaption of the original PUBG, includes various maps, modes, and personalization features. Moreover, if you like to play in teams, there is no need to use a separate source to stay in touch with your mates, because you can communicate through the game itself.

What This Game is All About?

The story of PUBG revolves around survival in order to win the game. Here, you must be prepared to keep yourself safe. It is all about strategy. Hide, plan, attack, and get used to the map. In this case, the more time you spend playing this game, the more you’ll get familiar with the places where you can find maximum loot and the best hiding areas to set a trap on your opposing team. So once you know all the areas of the island, you can easily establish a strategy to go ahead of others.

The Sole Winner Fact

PUBG and PUBG (VN) are known to be classic battle games where mechanics are simple and straightforward. The aim is clear; the last survivor after the explosions and shooting wins.

  • Customization Options
  • Easy to understand features
  • Fast-paced strategy
  • Controls are responsive

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