It’s hard to pretend that PUBG Mobile updates make any sense to most of us, but they are still in their patch of zero. So, just a few recent updates have made PUBG players gone crazy (in a good way) to try them.

PUBG Mobile has solely transformed mobile gaming by bringing some amazing experiences for users with low-end smartphones in the face of PUBG Mobile Lite. It has only been a few months from the update but is all the rage you can hear about. The Lite version, unlike other games, often receives updates to keep the players engaged and excited about what is next to come. Here are a few recent updates of PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.1 you just cannot miss.

1. New Map: Golden Woods

This new and improved Golden Woods map is exclusive to the new lite version of PUBG Mobile that comes along a small-town shrubs setting. This map feels like a fine combination of Erangel and Sanhok. As the name suggests, Golden Woods, it features an amalgam of topography or landscape and imposing vegetation where the small towns serve for players to sneak in and fight their path clear to the victory.

This is not just it! There is more to PUBG Mobile Lite with the latest 0.14.1 to excite your gaming nerves from the start to the end.

2. New Season

The new ranked season has gone live from October 1. This brand new season hosts a lot of latest rewards for players to achieve during the game. With the new season, there come new challenges with innumerable valuable upgrades and prizes. Just hit the Mission Menu.

The new map and season is a great opportunity for die-hard fans of PUBG Mobile to explore their gaming limits as they move forward and gain new experiences to rank higher among all the players.

3. Special War Mode and Exciting Achievements

The new title system and the small-town settings allow players to unlock new achievements and raise their ranks higher to set new combat titles. This new achievement system brings about newer and tougher challenges to test players’ capabilities and reward them with the prizes accordingly. With the updated version, the Firefight War mode brings RPG-7 for players to fight with as well as more powerful weaponry like QBZ and QBU DMR rifle and the PP-19 submachine gun as they go further in the game. This new version of PUBG Mobile Lite also includes a choice of speedy vehicles to move throughout the terrains.

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4. Bug Fixes

The previous versions of PUBG Mobile Lite seemed to have some bugs but this problem is now solved. With the latest update, your favorite battleground game entails many bug fixes along with display bugs to make your gaming experience wonderful and more enjoyable.

Wrapping Up

PUBG’s frequent updates may seem overwhelming to some players but it’s for everyone’s benefit to provide them with the best possible mobile gaming experience. While the updates release in 0.0.5 increments, there is nothing to fray about as it indicates more fun and excitement in the time to come.

This is not it. This October, PUBG is heard to go under maintenance once again to bring you newer and better updates that will leave you astonished like always. Moreover, there will be more content updates and bug fixes with this maintenance session.

Another new version of PUBG Mobile Lite is waiting to be launched very soon. This 0.14.6 version will have lots of good stuff that wasn’t added this time in 0.14.0. This new 0.14.6 is anticipated to be released this October as well.

This month is going to be very thrilling for PUBG Mobile fans!

PUBG Mobile Lite APK v0.14.6 – Latest Version (512 MB)

PUBG Mobile Lite APK v0.14.0 – (40.6 MB)

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