PDF is excellent for file sharing since it doesn’t ruin the whole document, and it only needs a small memory size. You would often use PDF to share information with others for school, work, and other purposes. However, it can be hard to access a PDF document when you are not tech-savvy, especially when you use a smartphone. Most PDF readers also require a subscription cost, which is not feasible if you’re currently a student.

So, how can you access PDF documents without technical knowledge and doesn’t require any payment? Using an online PDF reader is the solution. A free PDF reader like PDFBear allows you to open files and even print documents in this format. Today, we will tell you why you should opt for an online PDF reader and guide you in using a free PDF reader with this website.

Reasons to use an online PDF reader

If you are debating about choosing to go online or opting towards traditional PDF readers, it may be the best choice to use an online PDF reader. Here are the top reasons why you should opt for an online PDF reader, including:

1.   No software installation

Online PDF readers do not require you to install software compared to the traditional PDF readers. Thus, it allows you to save your storage space on your device. You only need to access the website to use an online PDF reader without worrying about your memory allocation.

2.   Easy and convenient to use

Using an online PDF reader does not require you to be knowledgeable about technology. You only need to select a file from your device and view your document within a few seconds.

3.   No subscription cost

One major drawback about using those classic PDF readers is that it comes with a price. Using the traditional PDF readers with a subscription fee may not be practical for personal use, especially if you are a student or on a tight budget.

Why use PDFBear?

There are lots of online PDF readers available on the internet, so why PDFBear? Well, this PDF reader offers plenty of features that make it convenient and protect your privacy. Their services include:

SSL encryption

You don’t have to worry about security when using the website. PDFBear takes the user’s security and privacy seriously by enabling a safe environment on their website through SSL encryption. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ensures that your information remains private by encrypting your data and avoiding hackers accessing your PDF documents.

Accessible from any device

Do you use a smartphone? Don’t worry about that since this website is compatible with any device, whether a desktop or a smartphone. You can also use their online PDF reader in any browser, so it doesn’t matter even when you’re not using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Print and share PDF document

With PDFBear’s online PDF reader, it wouldn’t be a problem when your teacher or boss asks you to print the file. You can also share its link with others if you’re working on a group project or for other purposes.

Open PDF files from Dropbox

Got PDF documents in Dropbox that you want to access but find it a hassle to download one by one? No problem. PDBBear allows its users to choose files from the Dropbox cloud storage by clicking the arrow-down button beside the “select a file” text.

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Cloud technology

This website utilizes cloud storage, which allows you to use their PDF reader on the go. You can also save your PDF files on their website by subscribing to their Pro membership. It helps you reduce your device’s memory space and allows you to easily access the documents whenever you need to see the file.

How to use PDFBear’s online PDF reader?

Now that you have looked into the top reasons why you should use PDFBear, you may wonder how to access PDF documents with the website. Follow these four simple steps to open your PDF files in PDFBear.

1. Go to PDFBear

The first step is to go to their official website. Search for PDFBear at your browser’s address bar or search engine and click the first link that comes up in the list. The website will open to its homepage that will contain a selection of their services, including the online PDF reader.

2. Look for the PDF reader option

Scroll down the homepage until you find the PDF reader button. The icon should consist of paper behind the magnifying glass. Click that option and proceed to the next step.

3. Select a file from your device

Choose the PDF document that you want to view by locating the file on your device. You can also do it with Dropbox in case you stored your files in that cloud storage.

4. View, Print, and Share the PDF document

And there you have it! You should be able to see your PDF files after waiting a few seconds for PDFBear to process the document. It is also possible to print the PDF on the website directly and share its link with others.

Final words

Online PDF readers allow users to view PDF files directly without downloading any software and paying a subscription fee. Services like PDFBear offer various features, including SSL encryption that protects your privacy and prints PDF files online, which is convenient.

We hope that this guide helped you decide whether to use an online PDF reader or not and know the steps in opening PDF documents with PDFBear. Have fun!

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