Undoubtedly, MacOs is the popular operating system globally, and technical experts at Apple are trying really hard to provide a seamless and satisfying experience to their customers.

So, if you just brought your Mac home, congratulations for being a proud owner of one of the perfect computers in the world. And you’ve never had it before, then you need to know that the best part of owning this computer is that you can have access to a full buffet of some fantastic apps that can help with their hassle-free macOS experience.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s list some fantastic apps on your Mac to boost your creativity and productivity and give you the best browsing and communication experience.

Let’s dive right in!


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud-based file backup systems. With its brilliant features, continued improvements and minimal complexities, Mac users are finding it much easier to use. Dropbox is an app that allows the user to create an online backup of the files such as images, videos, and other documents into a database present in the cloud. Therefore, if this app wasn’t innovated, sharing and storing files would never have been so easy.

Plus, with the help of this application, you can have access to your files whenever and wherever you want. You can easily link it with your Mac with the help of the Finder window, and you are all set to move all your important files into the cloud.


If you are one of those who like to listen to music while working or simply loves grooving on tunes, then installing iTunes on your Mac is just the right thing to do. Basically, this application allows you to play digital audio files on your system and can be downloaded very easily with the help of the internet. The best part of using this application is that you can enjoy listening to music with just one click.

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For this, you just need to add the music files into the Music Library of iTunes and put on your headphones, and start grooving. But hang on! You’ll be surprised to know that iTunes is also responsible for creating duplicate files on your computer. These files take up unnecessary space and end up affecting the functioning of your PC. But don’t you worry! You just need to consider itunes cleanup regularly in order to get rid of unwanted files on your computer. So, keep the clutter off your system and do your part in maintaining the health of your system.


For those who don’t know, Facetime is a video chat application introduced for Mac owners in 2010. This feature helps you connect with your friends and colleagues virtually. The latest version of Facetime enables the user to connect 32 people at a time for a group video call. Isn’t that amazing? Now, you can have your meetings and chats face-to-face by not actually being face-to-face. Woah!

Final Words

Now that you’ve spent so much money on your new PC, it is your responsibility to use all the apps mentioned above to their fullest potential and enjoy that seamless experience you always longed for. Go-tech-it!

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