Probably, you have come across the .NET platform solutions in the line of business. These are applications built by Microsoft under the ASP.NET framework to offer web-based solutions. It is a low-cost solution that even e-commerce businesses have adopted today.

If you are in any business, say B2B or even B2C, you can take advantage of a .NET e-commerce platform to take your business to another level. Before we share the examples of the best platforms, here are the benefits of using such solutions.

  •     Low cost – Microsoft has made it affordable for developers to use this programming, and the benefits trickle down to the users.
  •     Fast and efficient – You got it right; a .NET e-commerce platform is very efficient, helping your business to achieve its goals.

That said, here are the best examples of .NET e-commerce platform options that you can try in 2022 to change your business.

Virto Commerce

When looking for cloud solutions for your B2B business, this is the best solution to try. It solves a lot of issues related to running a business such as digital catalogs, contracts, and inventory among others.

This API-driven platform has great support, whether technical or otherwise. It is worth checking, so navigate here to read more and discover how you can get this solution to take your B2B business to the next level.


This is a free .NET e-commerce platform on the Microsoft ecosystem with amazing solutions for the users. It focuses on small and medium businesses, allowing them to have a global presence. How? It achieves this by being a popular ASP.NET shopping cart all over the world.

Here is the good thing about the NopCommerce platform; it is highly customizable and has a great customer-focused support team. So, give it a try today if you want your business to grow fast.

Kentico .NET E-Commerce Platform

With two decades of experience, Kentico is the go-to solution for businesses that value total control of their business and responsiveness. It aims to take your marketing efforts to the next level with website themes, e-commerce extensions, currency converters, and many more useful features.

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It is designed to enhance marketing opportunities without the need for an expert. Furthermore, it can help you manage content, which is a time-consuming process for any form of business.


Are you planning to have a modularized and scalable business? Try this .NET e-commerce platform, and you will not regret it. With this platform, you have the power in your hands to customize your B2B platform. The features include the creation of multi-vendors, website themes, delivery addresses, and a lot more.

SiteCore .NET E-Commerce Platform

This .NET e-commerce platform is focused on content management in a B2B platform as well as others. So, if you are planning on having a cloud-based solution that you can access on the go, try this one. It also includes two themes to choose from, giving you an option to make your business even better.


If you choose any of these .NET e-commerce platforms, you will take your business to the next level. Some are free while others charge fairly and provide value for your money, so choose what meets your needs and take advantage of this opportunity.

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