Branding is not just limited to food chains and tech industry as other industries (such as law firms) can have a branding plan, too.

Never heard of a law firm using marketing tactics to get more clients?

Google Skadden, Sullivan & Cromwell, and Jones Day that are a role model for aspiring firms when it comes to having the best professional logo design.

If you’ve no prior idea for designing a logo for law firm, this post is the right place to be. Read on and discover how to have the best professional logo design in few steps and master this essential part of your brand.

Study Your Competitors

Before we start designing the best professional logo design, it is important to understand the industry, the trends in the market and how the competitors are planning things.

This is important as you’re having a new logo to compete with them and you have no clue in what direction you must go your logo is just a picture with no connection with the branding. And competitor’s study gives you various insightful points to ponder how the logo should be designed.

Look at it as the analysis of your competitor’s logo and see where they lack. Once you know this, you can use the lacking points in your favor and create a logo that represents your law firm better than your competitor’s. In fact, you can make better decision with respect to color selection, fonts and other aspect of your logo based on this initial competitor analysis.

Select Ideal Colors

Next, after you conduct a thorough competitor analysis, its time to select the right color scheme for your logo design.

Why colors are so important?

Because colors can exude a certain emotion in the eyes of the viewer and selecting the wrong color, during creating the best professional logo design, can backfire.

So, be sure to select a color that has the same (or at least closer) feel as you want your clients to perceive your law firm via the logo design. For example, if you your law firm’s logo to be trustworthy, try picking a color that gives a decent vibe such as Indigo, Navy Blue or Berry Blue. The idea is to select a color that goes with your prestigious image and doesn’t give a non-relevant vibe.

Pick Right Fonts

When designing a logo for the law firm, be sure to pick the right font as it will be an integral part of your corporate face, the logo.

Plus, there’s a reason for being careful when picking a font for the law firm’s logo design. With other logos you’ve a relaxation to make them less formal and play around with funky fonts but not when designing a logo for the law firm. On contrary to that, you must pick a font that gives your law firm’s logo a very professional and sophistication feel. A rule of thumb, when creating the best professional logo design for law firm, is to avoid using handwritten fonts as they never give a strictly professional look.

Make it Relevant

There are law firms specializing in certain categories and you must include this aspect of your business into your logo design.

In simple words, your logo must give the exact feel of what your business is about so that the viewer can pick you over other law firms in first 5 seconds of locking eyes with it. Sit with your logo designer, explore different possibilities to make it logo design before you call it the best professional logo design for a law firm.

Comment below and share your formula for creating the best professional logo design for a law firm.