Twitter has a new leader. Her name is Linda Yaccarino. She’s an advertising veteran who worked for NBCU and Turner. She also served on a sports council for Trump. She quit her job as chairman of Global Advertising & Partnerships at NBCU on Friday. She was there for a decade.

Elon Musk announced that he picked Yaccarino as the new CEO. He did it on Twitter. He said he was done searching for a new CEO. He said he was psyched to work with Yaccarino. He said they will turn Twitter into X, the everything app. He said he will work on creating new stuff and new technology. He said Yaccarino will work on running the business.

Musk and Yaccarino get along well. They met at a conference in Miami last month. Yaccarino interviewed Musk and complimented him. She said he was open and followed the new rules he posted. She said he cared about free speech but not free reach. She asked the audience to talk to Musk and tell him what they think. She said the advertisers are key for Twitter to make money.

Yaccarino knows a lot about ads. She can help Twitter make more money and look better. Twitter had a lot of issues with Musk as the boss. He sucked at checking what people say on Twitter. He sucked at giving blue checks to people. He made a lot of advertisers ditch Twitter. He fired a lot of people who worked for Twitter.

Yaccarino can improve things for Twitter. But she will also have to deal with a lot of challenges. Twitter is huge and powerful. It has millions of users and celebrities. It can influence what people think and do. Some people say Twitter is bad for society and politics. They say Twitter silences some people and boosts others. They say Twitter has fake news and affects elections. Yaccarino will have to please everyone: users, advertisers, governments, and investors.

Yaccarino is a big change for Twitter. Musk is known for doing weird and sometimes crappy things. He said he is pumped to work with Yaccarino to make Twitter into X, the everything app. Nobody knows what that means yet, but it could be very different from what we know.