Android software development has evolved with time. To be ahead in the competition you need to upgrade your game. That means letting go of old frameworks and adapting advanced ones.

Here, advanced implies for cross-platform frameworks that work with multiple smartphone platforms. Currently, the market is flooded with plenty of platforms.

Java is the top choice for many developers.

Google flutter is a new competitor in the market that provides modern high-tech solutions. It has been said that Java is being replaced by Flutter.

In this blog, we shall discuss the benefits of flutter and Java and the comparison that replaces Java for Android app development.

Let’s dive in

What is Flutter?

Before going into the details let’s look at flutter and its pros and cons.

Flutter is a cross-platform framework developed by Google. It is mainly used for custom Android app development for developing high-efficiency web apps for desktop and mobile.

Moreover, the use of flutter is growing as time passes by. It is a free and open-source framework that is maintained by ECMA standards.

Now, look at some key points that describe why flutter is popular.

  • Time-Frame

Time is money we all know that. When it comes to app development time is a very prominent factor.

Usually, it takes almost three months to develop android apps but thanks to flutter help you in developing the entire project with conventional methods in less than three months.

  • Various Platforms

Flutter is the best framework that develops apps on different platforms. It includes iOS and Android and can manage the entire task faster.

Also, not need much coding. If you want to know more about it you can contact android app development services. They will guide you with the best framework available in the market.

  • Quick performance

This framework has fewer blunders and high performance in comparison to Java.

Moreover, it will permit you to address the mistakes and flaws in the market.

  • Productivity

You can hire a flutter app developer that help you in building the whole app in two months.  

By this, you can save plenty of manpower and you just have to develop 1/3 of the code in comparison to Java.

We have discussed flutter’s benefits. Now let’s see some of its cons.


  For using flutter, you have to learn the dart programming language.    Doesn’t support a 3D graphic engine.
  Lack of community support  Lack of promotion  
  Need Graphic programming  Lack of friendly documentation  

Now we have discussed its cons you can easily hire mobile app developers. It is time to look at Java.

What is Java?

Java is the oldest programming language. That has a rich set of libraries for developing web and mobile applications.

It is easy to learn and understand which provides excellent tooling.

Moreover, Java is a platform-independent language that is used to create mobile apps, web apps, games, and many more. It has excellent SDK and JDK.

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  Verbosity    It has a null pointer exception
  Graphic programming    Read-eval-print-loop is not present  
  Floating point errors  No properties are available  
  No optional parameters are available    It has a boilerplate code

These are the cons you face when you go for java app development.  Now for better understanding let’s compare them both in the below table.

  Flutter      Java
  A single code base for both Android and iOS.    Only support android development
  Best development speed    Take more time to develop an app
  Uses dart programming to write code    It is a programming language itself to write code
  Provide material design    Doesn’t provide material design
  Provide effective and flexible UI    UI is not expressive or effective

By comparing them both, I hope you get a better understanding of which is going to work best for you.

Is Flutter likely to replace Java for Android app development?

Finally, we can now discuss whether flutter is likely to replace java for android app development.

Who will win the tug of war?

Let’s start comparing both with the performance. They don’t share common ground here because we know that Flutter is a UI development kit and Java is a programming language.

However, when we talk about developer choice, Java has one of the most used and devoted user bases.

Without any doubt, Flutter is better as it provides better performance for the app.

In addition, flutter has capabilities like Hot reload and restart that help in accelerating the development process and debugging tools.

However, the cost to hire android app developersdepends on various factors like geographical factors, types of platforms, and chosen tech stack will directly affect the cost.

Is flutter enough for android development?

We can see flutter potential compare to Java in mobile app development. It can simplify the development process as it offers numerous features and widgets.

For creating quality products Flutter is a good option in current times. Due to high competition flutter helps companies push their product as soon as possible in the market.

The cost to develop an android app starts from $40,000 up to $150,000 depending on the complexity of the project.

Moreover, with the best benefits like code documentation, widgets, and animation speed this cannot be found in any other platform.

So, it’s hard to predict that flutter will replace Java because there is always room for refinement. But currently, flutter is the best in the market for developing apps faster, easier, and a cost-effective way.


I hope this blog has helped you in choosing which framework works best for your android software development.

In the end, choose that which works best for you. If you choose flutter it provides cross-platform support and reduces development time.

Whereas if you choose Java it is the safest option when it comes to strong documentation. You can easily build feature-rich apps and bugs free apps with the help of the latest technology. If you are planning to develop a cross-platform app and want to know more you can contact a mobile app development company. They will guide you best.

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