Are you working in the food service industry and wish to get a Canadian job in the same field? You can start looking for a Canadian job in the food industry. Getting a Canadian job will provide you with a better living standard while completely indulging in the north scene of the Great White North.

The food service sector in Canada ranks at the top in the country with over 1 million people being employed in the country.

There was an immense labor shortage in Canada’s food service, accommodation, and retail service sectors, and employers were expected to fill in around 100,000 positions in these sectors. As a result, 1 million vacancies were reported in all of these sectors.

As reported by Census Statistics, immigrants have a crucial role in Canada’s food service sector. Popular immigrants who have been successful in Canada’s food sector include Mike Timani, Jimmy Antonopoulos, Susur Lee, Massimo Capra Dimitrios, and Vikram Vij.

Get a clear overview of finding a job in Canada in the food industry and know about the places best suited for Canadian jobs.

Best available Canadian jobs in the food sector

The first group under the food sector category belongs to the chef who supervises the cooks and plans all the cooking activities. The next categories of workers prepare food and cuisines. Both types can work in hotels, restaurants, clubs, health and particular institutions, hospitals, businesses, and cruise liners.

What requirements must be fulfilled for chefs and cooks working in Canada?

The requirements that need to be fulfilled by chefs and cooks to work in Canada are as follows:

  • Qualification from secondary school
  • A certification demonstrating that you are a cook
  • Qualification required for chefs
  • Qualification with a culinary diploma or education in hospitality management
  • Working in Canada with efficiency in English language

Provinces that offer the best jobs for chefs and cooks are Nova Scotia, Yukon, Ontario and Prince Edward Island.

Food service manager jobs

For the food sector to operate smoothly, it is essential to have a food management staff. It will be the management’s duty to check customer satisfaction, stock availability, quality, and budgets. Managers and supervisors in the food service sector fall under the skill level 0 under the NOC’s managerial position.

Food service manager jobs- provinces

Nova Scotia and British Columbia are two provinces offering the maximum food service manager jobs.

Food Servers

Canada comprises an excellent food culture, with several restaurants. Therefore, there is a huge scope for waiters and food servers. Other tourism-related occupations include food and beverage servers. As a result, various holiday spots are reserved by the employed servers in Canada. 

Provinces for jobs related to food service managers

Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Ontario, and Nunavut are provinces for jobs related to food service managers.

Farm Workers

Foreign Nationals seeking employment as farm workers in the Canadian food industry must observe that Ontario comprises a vast number of farms and is also considered the top producer of livestock and crop products. Whereas, Prince Edward Island produces potatoes on a massive scale, making it its largest producer. The Agri-food Pilot is an alternative to enter Canada.

Provinces for farm workers  

Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and British Columbia are provinces with the greatest number of farm work jobs in order to apply for any province you can apply for Canada PNP.

Attendants at the food counter, Kitchen Helpers, and support occupations

This set of workers includes counter attendants, kitchen assistants, staff for preparing food, staff at the dishwashing, and food service assistants. They could be employed at restaurants, fast food chains, healthcare centers, cafes, hotels, and cafeterias.

Provinces- Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related occupations

Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Quebec are the provinces offering top jobs for these positions.

Retail and Wholesale- Butcher, Fishmongers, and Meat Cutters

Foreign Nationals have an excellent opportunity to fill job positions for industrial butchers, poultry preparers, meat cutters, and related workers. The younger generation is more bent on the meat-free culture. Even though there are numerous vegan individuals, the demand for butchers still exists. Even the government has made hiring butchers easier by making the process LMIA exempt.  

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Butcher jobs- Provinces

Saskatchewan, Quebec, Manitoba, and Ontario are provinces that offer the maximum number of butcher jobs. 

What can you expect to earn as a worker in the food service industry in Canada?

Talent Sourcing Statistics revealed that the average salary for the workers in the food service sector in Canada is over 34,300 each year with an estimate of $17 per hour. Entry-level positions could be around $29,250 annually. Head Chefs could earn over $40,800 annually. 

Best pathway to obtain a Canadian job- Food Service Sector

To search for jobs in the food service sector in Canada, the candidates will need a work permit, a valid employment letter from an employer in Canada, and an LMIA copy. An employer will obtain the LMIA from the ESDC. The origin of the applicant will determine the work permit process for him. Also, to enter Canada, the candidates will require a temporary resident visa.

Work Permits

Open-work permits and Employer-specific work permits are two types of work permits that the government issues.

Open Work Permits

These work permits allow the candidates to work under any employer in Canada, provided they cover all the eligibility requirements.

Employer-Specific Work Permits- Only one Canadian employer can employ the candidates holding such work permits. The Canadian employer will need to provide an authentic letter of employment, with an LMIA document. The time duration and workplace will be fixed under this work permit.

Work Permits- General requirements under the food service sectors in Canada

Canadian immigration for food service workers in Canada is possible if they fulfill the eligibility criteria. The eligibility requirements include prior work experience in a related occupation, language skills in French and English, absence of any criminal record, adequate funds, and education.

Essential pathways for immigrating to Canada

Thousands of people dream of acquiring jobs in Canada and then eventually apply for a work permit. Foreign nationals have several ways to establish themselves in Canada, let us discuss a few essential pathways.

The Express Entry System

The primary channel for Canadian immigration is the Express Entry and it makes it easier to process applications for skilled workers at a faster pace. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) calculates points by evaluating numerous factors and Express Entry uses this point-based evaluation system. Candidates with superior scores will receive invitations to apply. The criteria for evaluation of scores include age, education, work experience, provincial nomination, link with Canada, and spouse’s profile.

Atlantic Immigration Program

Semi- and intermediate-skilled foreign nationals don’t have an alternative to choosing the Express Entry program Canada . Therefore, they should opt for the Atlantic Immigration Program which was introduced to help employers of the maritime provinces in Canada to recruit foreign workers to fill in labor gaps. Maritime provinces comprise several industry jobs in the food sector in these regions.

The Agri-Food Immigration Pilot

The Agri-Food Immigration Pilot focuses on the farm and livestock workers (non-seasonal) who intend to settle in Canada. Applicants must have at least a year’s work experience in a non-seasonal job in Canada along with a permanent job in the same industry. 


The future of work in the food service sector seems bright in 2022 because the availability of job vacancies is high on the scale. The details of the above-mentioned pathways will surely help you understand the best one to choose from.

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