Workplace anxiety is not an uncommon phenomenon. In fact, a survey report in 2019 revealed that almost 94% of workers suffer from workplace anxiety in one way or another. Anxiety at work or mood disorders cause a persistent level of apprehension or fear when it comes to a meeting with seniors, having a big presentation, or directly dealing with clients.

The red flag indicators

Where avoiding friends and family, depression, trouble sleeping, crying, or eating disorders indicates the anxiety and stress in the workplace there are some red flags that specifies the seriousness of the situation. These symptoms are

  • Not engaging in the assigned work
  • Overreacting to situations
  • Taking unnecessary time off work
  • A sudden drop in performance
  • Struggling to meet the deadline
  • Poor productivity or outcome

Effects of anxiety at work

Having workplace anxiety may sometimes lead to major depressive disorder which badly affects the quality of life and work. A person suffering from anxiety and stress at work may notice that his stress is

  • Making him irritable and reducing his productivity
  • Begin to affect his relationship with his fellow workers
  • Making him doubtful about his capabilities
  • Feeling fearful, isolated, losing his social interests and interactions

Such situations put a negative effect on that person’s career as he starts avoiding innovations, declining new opportunities, reducing his job performance and thus affecting the organisation. In worse situations the person might lose his job.

That’s why it’s crucial to notice these anxiety symptoms and to eradicate its root causes.

Root causes

There are certain things responsible for temporary moments of workplace depression or anxiety. It sometimes becomes stressful when things aren’t going the way they should be. The overwhelming causes that rise the levels of anxiety include

  • Dealing with different issues at work like short deadlines, presentations, meeting with clients.
  • Maintaining a sound relationship with coworkers, where a person may experience conflicts, lack of communication, bullying, competition, and lack of support from manager and coworkers.
  • Extra-long working hours or an overly high workload with stressful deadlines and a demanding boss.
  • Having a low pay, low benefits, and low reward job.

How to deal with anxiety at work?

Once knowing about the symptoms, effects, and root causes of anxiety at work, let’s talk about how to effectively deal with it.

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Take a break

Make time for yourself. After analysing the workload and the stress first find things that make you smile and feel lighter. Go for a short walk or lunch outside of your work area. Focus on the good perspective of your life, your job, your friends and family.

Talk to someone

The excessively toxic and demanding work environment creates problems deeper than you can imagine. To release this work-related anxiety, talk to someone. They can be your friends, family or even a physiatrist.

Consult a psychiatrist

Consulting a professional to listen to your problems and give you a better advice is very important. As sometimes the anxiety at the workplace may lead to major depressive disorder symptoms or seasonal affective disorder.

Your psychiatrist will analyse your situation and may prescribe you some mood stabilisers or antidepressants’ depending upon your condition.

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