You might not have known this, but PDF files are one of the most popular file types in the world, which might be down to the fact that they retain quality even at a 500% zoom. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this file format, you might need to do some conversion. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and we can lead you through the process.

By reading on, convert PNG into a PDF in a few quick and easy steps! There’s even some advice on how to convert other file formats.

How to Convert PNG to PDF

There’s one saving grace for PDF conversion with the arrival of Windows 10 and 11. In days prior, you’d have needed to download a specific set of tools to convert to PDF, but now it couldn’t be easier.

We usually think of printing as something that creates a physical copy on paper, but did you know that printing has another function on these iterations of Windows? That function is the virtual printer, which is what allows us to create a PDF.

All you need to do is find your PNG file and right-click it, bringing up the context menu. From there, we select print, which will open the printing dialogue box you may have used before.

Instead of picking a physical printer from the option list, we want to choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” on A4 page size, with whichever quality you desire. Also, remember to tick the box that says “Fit picture to frame.”

Then all you have left to do is click print, which will open another dialogue box directing you to save your fresh-off-the-presses PDF file.

And that’s it, voila!

However, you might be wondering if you can convert other image types to PDF. Or perhaps you’d like to convert to PNG. That may need extra steps and conversion, so see below for our advice.

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Can We Only Convert PNG to PDF?

Many different file types can be converted to PDF since it’s one of the most widely-used file formats. However, if it’s a specific image that you want to convert to a PDF, we recommend using a PNG file because of how versatile it is. For example, it supports transparency, whereas many image types don’t.

They’ve also got the highest quality with the smallest file size, so you wouldn’t want to use a PNG to JPG converter before changing the file to a PDF. You can try a PNG maker if you need a PNG converter to convert SVG to PNG or other file types.

Do You Want to Convert More Files?

There are so many file types, whether for personal reasons or for use in business, that it can almost get confusing. You’ll never find a situation where everyone uses the same file types, which makes it all the more frustrating. Thankfully with the ability to convert PNG and other files, there are ways around the issues.

If you’d like to learn more about file conversion and other tech topics, read our blog!

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