In today’s world, there is a constant demand for delivery services. As a result of people’s hectic schedules and the pandemic, delivery services have become their first choice. As we all know, many applications exist for various delivery services. The majority of individuals will download the relevant app and place orders for the products they require. What if people could order everything they need from a single app? Isn’t that great?

In past years, we had no idea that the on-demand business would grow to be so large in the future. For example, online booking to arrange for door delivery was formerly considered a luxury, but it has become a requirement. Moreover, multi-services apps, often known as mega apps, have gained the lead.

One-touch bill payments, supermarket ordering, taxi booking, and texting are just a few of the essential features that consumers anticipate on a regular basis. In addition, of course, video streaming services should be peppered throughout the app for amusement. You can plan for super app development if you have ideas for embedding these essential on-demand services.

The Gojek app is a super app that offers taxi booking, on-demand delivery, and other services to users on the go. With just a few keystrokes on their phone, consumers can have a delivery service at their homes. This Indonesian application allows customers to access multiple products and services under a single roof. After witnessing the major success of this application, many entrepreneurs want to have a Gojek like app for their offline service business.

What is Gojek Like Service App Development?

Gojek like app is a readymade script with lots of modern features and allows entrepreneurs to easily enter the on-demand business. In addition, the Gojek similar app is an entirely customizable white-label app. This implies the app’s owner can tailor the app’s services, features, themes, branding, and pricing to meet the demands of the users.

If users see that you are offering them what they want, they will be more likely to regularly use the Gojek app. Recognize your target audience and their interests so that you may tailor your offerings to them. The platform is designed using cutting-edge technology to accommodate a large number of users, service providers, and delivery drivers. As a result, you’ll be able to grow your company without paying additional expenses.

In short, Gojek like app has made significant improvements to the most recent and emerging on-demand service markets online. Many entrepreneurs worldwide picked it to build their apps from the clone script and flourish in the real-time market. Worldwide, numerous super apps are flourishing and dominating the market, grabbing huge customer attention. And thus inspiring entrepreneurs and businesses to pave that way.

By developing your business app using the Gojek similar platform, you can start a variety of online service businesses, including,

  1. Online ride-hailing services
  2. Food ordering service
  3. Grocery delivery services
  4. Beauty and spa booking services
  5. Medicine delivery services

Users may also engage experts such as beauticians, plumbers, carpenters, dog walkers, and maids through the on-demand app. These experts travel to the user’s location and do their duties. Users can also engage a professional personal shopper and an errand runner through the service. These specialists will assist you with shopping for products that aren’t readily available in your area, drop off lunch boxes, and pick up documents from the institution!

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Along with on-demand services, Gojek’s other venture, GoPay, processes an annual gross transaction value of $6.3 billion. This success has indeed attracted other entrepreneurs to have a Gojek like app for their business. But how to do that? For that, one needs a skilled technology partner and here we have listed the best Gojek like app development companies to make the most out of it.

Best Gojek Like Service App Development Companies

Customers all across the world have been blown away by multi-service apps. Nobody ever imagined that a simple mobile app could accomplish so much: book a taxi, buy groceries, mail packages, and so on. Well, times have changed, and so have how traditional enterprises operated. In 2022, if you plan to develop an app similar to Gojek, the app development companies below can help you achieve your business goals.

Elluminati Inc

Elluminati Inc offers you the most appealing apps that attract customers and boost your business revenues. Elluminati specialises in on-demand app development solutions, so if you are not ready to miss your potential customers then yes, you are at the right place to get your idea turned into reality. An engaging and skilled team looking at the design, development, and launching of solutions.

Appicial Applications

People who are curious about app development services in their budget can choose Appicial, which is the best company. They can work on any type of custom on-demand solution because they have the perfect set of mobile app developers who can work on any type of project.


Apptunix is a well-known mobile app development company popular for building custom on-demand apps for various businesses. Regardless of the size of the business, this company focuses on building Gojek like platforms for offline service businesses. This company has them all from the consultation to strategy to the implementation phase.

SV Soft Solutions

As one of the leading mobile application development companies, they make it possible to design and develop on-demand solutions for their clients. They offer the skill and experience required to make solutions that are a class apart. Moreover, their teams are capable of providing comprehensive development solutions at cost-effective prices.

Lilac Infotech

Lilac is a leading mobile app development company that specializes in on-demand app development. The company helps startups and enterprises shape their ideas into quality digital products. In addition, the company ensures sophistication in design and simplification in communication and project delivery.


Multi-administration applications are becoming increasingly well-known in today’s world. People believe that switching between multiple applications for various administrations is difficult. Instead, they believe that having various services available under one roof is beneficial. And here, an app similar to Gojek meets all your customer’s needs and accelerates your business growth.

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