Technology is taking over the world. Every day there are new inventions in the market which have us amazed. Just like all the other fields of technology hacking has also advanced in the past couple of years. In the past people seem to think that hacking someone’s account or their devices could be only done by professional hackers but now with some amazing softwares, anyone can take control of any device remotely from their own device.

You can now control someone’s Android device using a remote administration tool called the OmniRat. The name OmniRat says it all. With this software, you can enjoy the power over someone else’s Android smartphone or tablet. You can use it to keep an eye on your spouse or even your kids to check out what activities they carry out on their Android devices on daily basis.

OmniRAT is a powerful android remote administration tool that comes with a user-friendly Graphical User Interface which means that you can easily access it without any difficulty. All you need to do is set it up with the victims existing apk or you can create your own customized apk and bind the payload to it. It is better if you bind it to an existing social media application or game already in the targeted victim’s Android device.

Once the established controls are linked to an apk they will automatically start running the background without the victim even knowing about it. So download OmniRAT for free to key an eye on your loved ones.

Amazing features of the Android RAT OmniRAT

The OmniRAt has a lot of features to offer to its users. Some of those amazing features are;

  • Device Detailed Information
  • You can access the installed Apps
  • You can access the victim’s call Logs
  • You can remotely access the camera
  • Access the Audio Mic
  • You can access the files Manager
  • Browser & History Manager
  • You can send a message
  • Get your hands on the GPS Location
  • Memory & System Information
  • Access Account Managers
  • Stealth Mode
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Remote administration tools are used for legal purposes but in most cases, they are developed and used for malicious activities. So if you want to keep an eye on your loved ones such as your kid who just got his first Android phone then you should download the software and make sure he doesn’t get himself into trouble. You can link his phone to yours using the OmniRAT and know all his moves.

Download OmniRAT for free and enjoy its endless features. Simply browse the internet and get your hands on the free full version OmniRAT and enjoy the power of hacking from your android smartphone.

Download OmniRAT Free

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