Why Every Prankster Needs A Spoofing App

In today’s digital society, pranksters have to be on their A-Game just to avoid getting caught. For a prank caller, an accidental slip of the tongue to an exposed caller ID can quickly escalate into legal trouble.

Even for more general pranks, don’t be surprised to find yourself in a police station sobbing at 2 am. And with people wanting to sue for everything under the sun, it’s never been riskier.

That’s why it’s become almost mandatory now for pranksters to use a spoofing app. In short, a spoofing app ensures you remain anonymous during calls or other pranks. Using a prank call as an example, a spoofing app uses a third-party service to replace your number.

Below are our top spoofing apps to install in 2021!


Instead of the standard prank call, this app sends automated prerecorded calls to your friends. As the dialogue proceeds, you can tune in and listen live to your friend’s hilarious reactions. Prerecordings offer all sorts of prank scenarios, from a stranger asking for your Wifi password to a disgruntled uber driver arriving too early. The app is also straightforward to use – choose your script and make the call to your friend.

Scripted prank calls essentially do the talking on your behalf, ensuring you remain anonymous. Furthermore, the app utilizes a speech AI for calls to sound natural and genuine, so prerecordings respond at the right times. Since prank calls are achieved online, your caller ID isn’t required to make the call.

Additional Features

  • As prank calls are saved, users can immediately listen right after.
  • Submit your best prank calls to the OwnagePranks online community known as ‘Prank Hall of Fame’
  • Specific prerecordings offer various accents
  • Receive a free credit daily to make new calls.

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

Switching gears from prank calls, this spoofing app can immediately change your GPS location on your phone. Fake GPS GO overwrites your proximity into the country or region of your choice, requiring no technical skill. Changing your location is fantastic for tricking friends on any social media platforms to believe you’re elsewhere. Are your friends stuck at work in your hometown? Fool them by pretending to be on vacation in France.

Before using the app, go to your settings and disable high accuracy location positioning or mobile locations under Android Location Services. Proceed to change to ‘GPS ONLY’ or ‘Device Only,’ depending on your device.

How to use:

-Choose any location of your choice (Greece, Paris, England etc.) and click play

– The fake GPS will be inserted, figuratively teleporting your phone to your desired location.


This versatile app provides users with a secondary number – letting you pull off prank calls and texts anonymously. Spoofcard doesn’t have to be exclusive to pranks, as it’s also useful for making private calls.

Besides a secondary number, you’ll also be able to record live calls and send them straight to voicemail. If you ever find yourself in a legal situation, a recording acts as evidence in your favour.

The app also acts as a voice changer, efficiently disguising your voice to fool others. Voice transformations are beneficial for relatives and friends who can quickly recognize you. Most of us speak familiarly, whether it’d be phrases we are fond of saying or a distinct voice/accent.

Fake call – prank

Although not a spoofing app per se, it does a great job of tricking people nearby with a prank call. But, instead of making them, you’ll be the one to receive via a fake incoming call.

So how does a fake incoming call translate into a prank? After practically ringing yourself, how dialogue proceeds is entirely up to you. Users are given the freedom to use their own prank ideas since you’re deliberately saying things to deceive others closeby.

Fake call – prank is primarily used for escaping boring or tedious situations. Let’s say you’re in a work meeting, and time is dragging. A great way to escape without suspicion is to arrange an incoming call and pretend to leave due to an emergency. Since incoming calls are perceived as nothing out of the ordinary, it provides proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Another addition that users can benefit greatly from is providing personas to their fake callers. Each caller can be assigned a name, number, and even picture. In an instant, users can make an entire list of counterfeit contacts with their own personal details.

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