Gaining access to someone else’s computer is not a hard task anymore. NjRat V0.8 is a remote administration tool that is designed to control a desktop system. Even though are used for various legal purposes but they can also be used for malicious activities.

There are various Remote Administration Tools in the market at the moment that allows you to perform operation remotely on another system. NjRat V0.8 is one of the best RAT software in the market. With the help of NjRat V0.8, you can get access to anyone’s computer without them even knowing.

DonwloadNjRat for PC and enjoy the immense number of amazing features offered by the application. The best part is that the tool works on all windows. There are certain system related requirements that you need to fulfill. Simply download NjRat v0.8 cracked version and start controlling and managing someone’s desktop.

Key features of the NjRat V0.8

The NjRat V0.8 Full Version gives you access to your friends or family member’s computer and allows you to perform the following operations using the following features;


This feature allows you to access the desktop of the other person just like Remote Desktop Protocol or the VPS. You can simply get in touch with the PC of the other person with a simple click.


The file manager feature allows you to access the files on the other person system without even getting in touch with it. You can also download those files remotely on your desktop as well.


This is one of the best features. It allows you to turn on the camera of the desktop or the laptop and then watch live what the other person is doing at the moment. (You can use it to keep an eye on your kids while you are not home)

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Just like smartphones our desktops also have the feature of remembering our passwords for various websites and applications. This feature allows you to access all those saved passwords of the users.


You can use this feature of the RAT to attack any website that the other person is accessing on their desktop.


This feature allows you to download any file or run it on the victim’s desktop as if you were physically controlling the system.


Remote Administration Tools can be used for both good and bad reason. So you can simply download NjRat V0.8 free and start accessing anyone’s desktop without them even noticing. It can be used to run a prank, keep an eye on your little ones or even for some malicious activities.

Download Njrat V0.8 Full Free Version

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