Remote administration tools are softwares that are specifically designed by the developers for the purpose of hacking. You can use these RA tools for both legal and illegal purposes but in most cases it has been recorded that RATs are used for unauthorized and malicious activities.

JSPY V0.08 is a remote administration tool that allows you to control other computer systems from your computer. This means that when you download the software on the targeted computer and then connect it with the on your computer, you develop a client-server connection.  This client-server connection allows you to keep an eye on almost all the activities that are taking place on the client’s system.

The best part about the JSPY V0.08 is that it is way more stable than other RATs and it completely undetectable. Plus it comes with quite a bunch of features that allow you to access the client’s desktop as if you were running it physically. So download JSPY RAT V0.08 for free now and enjoy.

Features of the JSPY RAT V0.08

Not each remote administrative tool provides you with the same features. Each RAT comes with its own specific features that provide you with the ability to control the activities on the targeted computer and keep an eye on them as well from your own system. So some of the amazing features offered by JSPY V0.08 to its users are;

1. 100% fully undetectable

This is one of the most amazing features of JSPY RAT V0.08. Unlike the other RATs, JSPY RAT V0.08 comes with some amazing security firewalls that make it undetectable. So the anti-virus installed on the targeted computer would not be able to detect it, proving you with top-notch secrecy.

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2. Key-logger

The software provides you remote access to the key-logger in the targeted system. You can access the logs but you can’t change the path and the file name of the log.

3. File manager

The file manager feature of the software is a bit hard to get used to but when you get used to it, you can easily download one file at a time. The downloading might take same time so need to be patient.

4. Screen monitoring

You can monitor the screen of the client’s system with this feature. This means that you can keep an eye on all the activities that are taking place on the client’s desktop.

5. Webcam monitoring

The webcam feature of the software allows you to monitor the webcam of the targeted desktop. You can turn it on and off and allow watch it live.


You can now get your hands on the amazing JSPY RAT V0.08 Full Version for free. So download JSPY RAT V0.08 full version and enjoy the immense number of features that it has to offer to you.

Download JSPY RAT – Full Version

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