Smart devices had given us so much power that we can perform all the desktop based activities on our smartphones and tablets now which has given the young generation and even the adults too much power. With power there comes responsibility which is why Droidjack 4.4 was designed.

DroidJack 4.4 is a Java Based Remote Administration Tool that allows you to access and control any Android device and keep an eye on your loved ones especially kids. It is like a hacking tool that can be used by parents to keep an eye on their kids and on their spouse as well. By downloading DroidJack 4.4 you to establish multiple remote controls on the Android device of your loved one and keep an eye on him or her.

The user-friendly Graphical User Interface provided by DroidJack 4.4 Full Version provides you with two options. You can either build your own customized apk on the android device or you can bind your established control to an existing apk such as a social media application or even a game App.

The DroidJack 4.4 Full Version comes with a variety of amazing features that can be used with ease and will give you access to all the activities happening on the Android device you set it up on. Download DroidJackfree now and enjoy full access to the android devices of your loved ones and keep your family safe.

The Amazing Key Features of the DroidJack 4.4 Full Version

The amazing key features provided by the DroidJack 4.4 are;

  • Allows you to bind the apk of the server to a game or App
  • Gives full access to all kinds of files
  • Gives access to text messages
  • Allows you to record calls
  • You can send texts or make a call
  • Edit contact list
  • Access to live calls
  • Gives to access to the camera and media files
  • Allows you to pinpoint the location
  • Access to web history
  • Access to the installed Apps
  • Provides device information such as the IMEI
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Android devices have given a lot of power to its user. Whether you can have smartphone or a tablet, you can perform immense number of activities on it. As an elder it is your duty to keep an eye on the activities that your little ones are performing on these smart devices which is where the Full Version DroidJack 4.4 comes in. Download Driodjack 4.4 Full Version and build yourself a customized apk that will allow you to take control of the activities that are taking place on the Android System and Applications for free now.

Download Droidjack 4.4 Full Version

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