Remote Administration Tools that are in short called RAT tools are designed for controlling other devices from your personal system. Some of them would allow you to control other systems while some allow you to control other Android devices.

What is CyberGate V1.07?

CyberGate V1.07 is one of the most powerful RAT tools in the market. This remote administrative tool allows you to completely take over the system of the other person as if you were physically controlling it. This means that if you want to keep an eye on your kids or your employees at work, you can download this RAT tool on their system and yours and develop a client-server connection to take control of the client system.

The Full Version CyberGate comes with some amazing features that allow you to access the data on the client’s system and keep on an eye on all the activities taking place on that particular system. The thing to remember here is that CyberGate provides you with the same features as a hacking tool so it can be used for malicious activities as well.

Why download CyberGate V1.07?

Unlike the other RAT tools, CyberGateis powerful and fully configured. It gives you complete access to the client’s server. CyberGate is coded in Delphi, an integrated development environment, which is continuously getting developed. This means that new updates would be added to the tool so that you can enjoy greater access. So download CyberGate V1.09 and empower yourself.

The amazing features of CyberGate

The Remote administration tool Cyber Gate has too many features to offer to its users. Some of the main features of this amazing tool are;

  • Reverse connection Remote Administration Tool.
  • Multi-port support
  • UAC bypass on server
  • Password recovery tool
  • Chat feature
  • File manager
  • Registry editor
  • Processes manager
  • Socks 4/5 Proxy
  • Http Proxy
  • Mass features
  • Remote desktop (with capture)
  • Remote webcam view (with capture)
  • Capture audio
  • Remote download and execute
  • DOS prompt
  • Active ports list
  • Server control (update, disconnect, restart)
  • Remote open HTTP URL
  • Send file and execute
  • Remote Power Options
  • URL browser (with hidden feature)
  • Multi-user keylogger/file search
  • GUI Connection log
  • Task managers for client and server
  • Task logs
  • Automatically map ports if your router supports uPnP
  • GeoIP server tracking
  • Webloader
  • Includes many other Fun Panel features.
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Now you can download CyberGateV1.07 Full Version free and enjoy access to a targeted computer system. This means that you don’t have to pay a single penny or get your hands on some hacking tools. You can simply download CyberGate and enjoy its full version for free.

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