Slack is a messaging platform used by businesses, most commonly in the startup and tech worlds. It brings the whole team into one – or many – channels to keep everyone connected. Keep up-to-date with what’s going on with projects, give instructions to groups, or announce wholesale changes to your entire company.

Whatever you use Slack for, it’s a great and handy tool. But, did you know there are plenty of handy hacks to help you save time and be more efficient when using Slack? Below are our four favorite hacks to help you become an expert in Slack!

Use It With SMS

Did you know that SMS messaging can be integrated into Slack? Services, like the one being developed by Clerk SMS, allow you to bring your own business number into your Slack channel to deal with customer requests. These SMS messages can be sent directly to individual members of the customer service team or go to a centralized mailbox for customer relationship managers to work through.

Integrating into Slack allows for quick sharing and gathering of vital information to help these customers reaching out for help, which is why we think it’s one of the handiest Slack tools going right now. As an added bonus, once Slack is being used for SMS, it can double up as a platform for SMS marketing campaigns. Win, win!

Ask Slackbot For Reminders

There’s a little built-in feature of Slack known as Slackbot. Slackbotis good for many things, one of which is as a virtual assistant. If you have Slack open all day at your desk, why not make it Slackbot’sjob to remind you of any meetings, e-mails, calls, or other activities in your day that you may have otherwise forgotten? Slackbot is more than happy to oblige. All you need to do is start the command with ‘/remind’ and it will do the rest!

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Search Shortcuts

Finding old messages, texts, or emails can be hard. It’s especially frustrating when that message contains important information. When trying to dig out a message from an old thread in Slack, you might think it impossible. However, all you need to do is hit the search bar and type commands such as in:, from:, has:, or on:, and Slack will help you find exactly who or what you are after. As you type, it will even suggest a more advanced search to you.

Speedy Commands

There are also tons of other commands in Slack that you can use outside of search. For example, ‘/away’ quickly toggles your “away” status, ‘/mute’ mutes all the messages in the channel, while ‘/dm’ toggles open a direct message box to anyone on your team. To find a shortcut you want, simply type the forward-slash into any message box and a full list of commands will pop up.

As you can see, these four handy tips can help you use Slack like a pro. Whether communicating with clients, staff, or customers, you’ll be quicker and more efficient than ever before. We hope they come in handy for your future use of the platform.

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