Brawl Stars, by the makers of Clash of Clans, is an outstanding real-time MOBA where two teams fight in a platform full of hurdles and interactive elements. This game proposes the objective of winning over the other team.

Brawl Stars features different modes. For example, the rewards mode lets you win by achieving more stars than your opponent team. Just like that in other modes, you have to win a series of crystals in the map or even fight one-on-one against the other team in a classic deathmatch.

This game has flawless controls with quite a big variety of characters and modes, as well as eye-catching graphics.

Tips and Tricks to Play the Game

Know Your Opponent

When you have learned the basic controls and aim through the tutorial, read about the various brawlers in the game’s menu.

Use Both Control Schemes

You can find ‘Tap to move’ as well as ‘Joystick move’ in the settings menu to choose your control setting. Try both to find out what suits you best.

As you play the game, you will use Tap to move as the default. Tapping lets you send your character to the selected location. You have to swipe and release to attack in the direction you want.

On the other hand, Joystick is questionably preferred for specific movements, as it eases correcting your position and to dodge the attacks. Moreover, you can attack in faster series through multiple taps. But when playing with a joystick, you will need to keep a finger on the screen to attack and move.

Practice Your Shots

The swipe-and-hold approach will help you learn where your attacks will end up. But attacks may take time to launch and hit the target where most players will constantly move. In this case, it is better to practice your shots.

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Pause Attack to Regain Health

If you have played this game, you may have noticed that you regenerate your health occasionally when you are not attacking or aren’t being attacked at the same time. If in low health, stop shooting, sit back, and give yourself some time to heal.

Work Along Your Team

Except for Showdown, you will match up with two other players in your team in every mode. Just make sure you know your team members, work with them, and take benefit from their skills.

If you are a fan of battleground type of games, give Brawl Stars a shot! You won’t be left disappointed.

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