Want to add elegance and class to your logo?

Give emblem logo a try!

Yes, emblem logos are considered classy, vintage and a wise selection if your intention is to set your brand apart from already established ones. And there are success stories of famous brands that made headlines both for their marketing strategies and for being scandalous at some point. To prove emblem logos are a wise choice, we’ve created this handy list that contains top names having emblem brand logo design.

Emblem Logo Key Objectives

If you’ve a teeny tiny doubt about using emblem logo for your business representation, let us give you a few reasons to consider this logo type.

  • They’re a good choice if you want to flaunt your family business that’s standing still after so many decades.
  • Emblem brand logo design is prone to display the element of key business values of the organization, too.
  • If you’re seeking to have a brand logo design that can distinguish your company from others, go for emblem logo style.

Famous Brands With Emblem Logo

These were few positive aspects of emblem brand logo design (from many) so you can make the right decision. Now, head over to unveil the brands that took help from this logo style and made an impactful branding achievement.

General Electric

General Electric Emblem Logo

Powering our lives for more than a century with its promising inventions, General Electric had a very basic but striking beautiful brand logo design. They wanted to give out a message with their logo placement on every product they ever sell. This message includes unity, stability, and conservatism that they display with a blue background and company’s initials written in cursive.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson - Emblem Logo

Having a Harley is a dream of every man out there. And the company instills this dream in our head with a strategic brand logo design approach. This is another wise example of emblem brand logo that you can use as a case study for your own logo. Look at the motifs, the heraldic shield and the sans orb that reminds Sun’s shape and the logo gives out the vibes of stability and strength to those young (at heart) and road trip lovers.


Starbucks Emblem Logo

Starbucks is a famous brand with the mermaid logo that attracts both costumers and controversies via its brand logo design. The key idea behind using a revealing figure (in shape of that sensational mermaid) into its logo was to seek attention, instantly. The mermaid invites the customers with a simple message “Buy Coffee” once they notice her aquatic beauty. And they accomplished this objective against all odds and today, we all love buying a cup of coffee from Starbucks every morning, right?


Versace Emblem Logo

Emblem brand logos are also a great choice if you want to associate your brand with a notable figure in history and Versace is its best example. Gianni Versace took the logo’s inspiration from Greek goddess Medusa (the snakehead lady) and its multi-product lines justify the selection accurately, too.


NFL Emblem Logo

If you want to instill the patriotic feel into your brand logo design (via an emblem logo) then NFL could be the right inspiration for you. Look closely at NFL’s logo and you’ll find the same color palette as the American flag has which is a brilliant way to invoke patriotic feel and make a connection with viewers on national level. In short, you can combine patriotism, heritage, and class into your brand logo design as NFL did with its logo that’s been representing the league for over 100 years.


Emblem BMW Logo

Businesses evolve with time and change their work of nature sensing the taste of their customers as BMW did. Initially, BMW was in aviation business and then it took a big step to enter the automobile industry. Though, we know BMW as a luxury car maker today, it hasn’t forgotten its history which can be seen into its emblem brand logo that’s basically a moving propeller blade (just like in the planes).


Lamborghini Logo

If you want to show your strength via your logo, emblem is still the best option to do so as Lamborghini did.

There’s a raging bull in its brand logo design!

This bull basically indicates the power of Lamborghini’s engine along with the fine looks. Try something like that with your logo, too, and select the emblem logo style for your business.

Comment below and tell us about your favorite brand that has an emblem logo design, too.