The most powerful and influential learning tool is word games. There are many games that use word plays and can be educational to kids in developing their vocabulary, spelling, and phonics skills. These word games can be played with as many or few players as needed: by children or adults, in groups, or by individual players. Subjecting the kids to these games plays a significant part in ensuring that it improves their overall physical and cognitive welfare. This blog post clearly analyzes 10-word play games that kids can play to improve their overall welfare.

1. Prodigy English:

This simple word game can be played by kids of all ages but works effectively for grades 1-5. It has the potential to increase the kids’ vocabulary, spelling, and phonics skills. Adults can also play it for fun and relaxation. The object of this game is to guess the word on the cards that are numbered from one to twelve. The maximum points available in this game is fifty points (1/12th). The greater the number of points accumulated, the higher achievement one gets in Prodigy English.

The game is important in improving the word and spelling skills of the kids. It helps improve their vocabulary, sentence construction, phonics, reading, and spelling. The game is available in two levels. Level one is a beginner’s level where the kids should read out each card to guess their words. Level two is an advanced level where they can read each card on their own and get points for guessing the words in pairs (two cards). This game also helps in developing socialization skills among kids by creating a friendly competition among themselves for higher achievement points.

2. ABCya Letter Blocks:

This is a group of educational games which helps in developing the phonetic awareness, vocabulary, and spelling skills of kids. The game is known as an activity involving kids building words by matching different letters. This game can also be used as a punishment to make your kid learn to spell correctly. In this game, you have to build the word by matching letters appropriately so that it makes sense. The game has two levels. Level one is for younger kids, and level two is for the older ones. In this game, you have to make the words by choosing letters from different colored blocks in a given position to build the word correctly. You have to match some of those letters in different blocks in the given position to make a word. Your score is dependent on how many words you build successfully without making a mistake.

The game works effectively for grade pre-K to Grade 6 kids.

3. Merriam-Webster Games:

This is another set of word games that kids of all ages can play. It helps make your kid familiar with a wide range of words and improves their vocabulary, spelling, and reading skills. This set of games includes Merriam-Webster’s Word Find, Merriam-Webster’s Scavenger Hunt, Merriam-Webster’s Crosswords, etc. The game aims at developing the kids’ vocabulary, phonics skills, and spelling.

The game is made up of puzzles, quizzes, and crosswords that ensure that the kid’s capability is enhanced. The game effectively ensures that the kid’s vocabulary and spelling improve. It is worth noting that it is effective for grade 6+ kids and children with substantial levels of vocabulary.

4. Spell It!:

This simple word game is designed to improve reading, decoding, vocabulary, and spelling skills among kids of all ages. It has the potential to increase the kids reading speed by increasing their phonics skills. This game aims to get the dictionary words listed in alphabetical order from A-L so that every letter requires only one key to be entered, e.g., a, b, d, and, e.g., x, y, z require two keys to be entered. The game is effective in helping the kid to improve their phonics skills and spelling by learning the correct spelling for words.

The game is effective for kids in grades 4-6.

5. Scramble:

This is another simple word game that works effectively for kids of all ages as it helps them improve their reading and spelling skills. In this game, the kids have to replace the scrambled letters with the appropriate letter for each word, making words by choosing the letters from different colored blocks. To make a word, one has to match some of those letters in different blocks in a given position. Your score is dependent on how many words you build successfully without making mistakes.

The game is effective for kids in Grade 1-6.

6. Word Search:

This simple word game works effectively with kids of all ages and helps them improve their reading, decoding, and spelling skills. It helps in increasing the kids’ phonetic skills and makes the kid more familiar with words by finding them out from the puzzle board. In this game, one has to find the letters from a given list of words on a puzzle board. The words are listed in such a way that it is not easy to identify them unless and until you read the entire word carefully.

The game is effective for kids in grades 5-8.

7. Broken Telephone:

This simple game helps kids improve their listening skills, vocabulary, comprehension, and storytelling abilities. The game requires the kids to listen to a sentence in a given time limit and then narrate it to the next player by altering it slightly. Its essence is enhancing the ability of the kid in storytelling. The game also works effectively as a punishment for kids who misbehave as they have to perform this task each time they misbehave. The game effectively improves the ability of kids to listen, interact with others, and tell stories.

The game is designed as a treatment to help the kid improve their listening skills and, therefore, would be effective for kids with hearing difficulties. The game also requires the use of other senses rather than just sight, which makes it more effective. The above-listed games are designed specifically to help the kids improve their reading, decoding, and/or spelling skills. These games are designed as a treatment for kids who have speech difficulties or learning disabilities. It is worth noting that children with learning disabilities can be treated through various other methods to help them in improving their skills.

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