The eCommerce websites are easy baits to hackers due to the bunch of personal and payment-related information required while making any purchase. This is the reason why you’ve to take all necessary measures to safeguard your eCommerce store. Compromised site security will instantly drown your business’s current and prospects and damage your business goodwill too. Moreover, hacked websites often redirect the customers who are up for a payment to a fake portal or even modify the customer’s order details to trick them into paying extra.

To keep your business at bay from the nightmare of compromised security, you need to take advantage of the Magento eCommerce platform. Websites powered by Magento are walled by excellent protection. A Magento development company will provide you with all the benefits of a secure Magento store with the necessary safety features. Magento has turned into the most user-friendly eCommerce platform with built-in solid protection, which keeps flashing new features and updates now and then.

Let’s study the vast and multifaceted approach to strengthen the security of your eCommerce website powered by Magento.

How to secure a Magento store?

Just got your brand new eCommerce website on Magento? But, thinking about how to safeguard it from all the potent security threats doing the round on the internet? Well, there’s no magic wand that you can swirl in the air to get away with any and every security risk, of course! But, there are so many preventive measures that you can consider to keep your Magento store secure forever!

To create and manage a safe eCommerce website, the Magento development services need to establish a close-knit functioning of the hosting providers, system integrators, and merchants. Doing so will help in the quick detection of issues and the timely execution of safety plans.

One can quickly mitigate threats such as XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection, Code Execution, Directory Traversal, Magento store redirecting, and more by simply adhering to the following set of strategies:

Start with a Full Scan & Check for Threats

If you suspect any malware in the Magento store, then look for the following signs to take a cue:

  1. The client’s data will be subject to spamming or identity thefts and even extending to credit card info thefts
  2. Redirection of the payment gateways
  3. Compromised customer’s devices

Restructure the Admin Path

Its most often observed that a default admin path tends to make the hacker’s work easy. With a default admin pathway, it becomes easy for the hackers to decode the admin’s username and password by employing the Brute Force technique. I was wondering how to curb the problem? It’s as simple as pie!!

Follow the steps below and modify the admin path:

ü From the Admin Panel, go to System > Configuration.

ü Select Admin from the left column

ü Navigate to the Admin Base URL section and set:

a) Use Custom Admin URLto “ Then, enter the Custom Admin URL as:

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b) Custom Admin Path to “Yes.” Then, enter the name of the Custom Admin Path. Always better to choose something unique.

ü Finally, press the Save Config button and log in with the new URL.

Use Secure Connection with SSL Certificate

A safe and secure shopping experience is the most sought-after factor for customers, whether regular or new. Nobody will want to experience a compromised transaction after all! SSL certificates keep your eCommerce security game high! They keep the Magento store secure with the help of security keys and encrypted connections.

Implement Two-Factor Authentication Process

Incorporating the two-factor authentication procedure for crucial steps such as logging in or checking out significantly strengthens the security for some convenient shopping experiences.

Update the Passwords

When you have to reach out to some third-party Magento development company for any assistance, you HAVE to share your credentials with the developers, such as your login details. Never forget to change your credentials before and after the task is done. Of course, the Magento development company you choose to hire could be trustworthy, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Don’t Forget to Create Backups.

Keep the Magento store secure by keeping a backup of the database of your Magento store frequently and storing it on a different server. In addition, we would strongly suggest you use cloud-based servers for enhanced security and synchronization.


Although Magento offers frequent security updates, following specific tips and tricks is always beneficial to confer as much security to your eCommerce website as possible. If you are using Magento 1, it’s high time you upgrade to Magento 2 for better security upgrades. We recommend updating to the latest version timely to curb the security issues with immediate effect.

Apart from that, seeking professional help to take care of the website security concerns helps in the long run. Best Magento developer services uncover the cause and offer the best security solutions to mitigate risks.


Meshur Ahir is a young enthusiast who Loves Internet Marketing and is always eager to share useful and authentic content to help others. He believes in Learning, Sharing and keep growing together. A Computer Science Engineer by Chance and Working as a Digital Marketing Consultant in Pixlogix Infotech Pvt Ltd by choice.

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