Starting a website can be quite a complicated task. There are so many things that you have to consider: what to talk about, how to talk about it, the design, the plugins you’re going to use, etc.

Today we are talking about the plugins that can make your website building a lot easier.

Using plugins is a great way to make using WordPress a lot easier, but finding the right ones can be a difficult task. There are just so many plugins available for use on WordPress; some are great, some not so much. The choice of which plugins to use mostly depends on your needs; a plugin that fits perfectly for all needs doesn’t exist and probably never will.

We have handpicked 6 WordPress plugins that will make starting any type of website so much easier. The criteria for choosing the plugins on this list were their ease of use, their overall usefulness, and just how they can make a difficult task feel easy to do.

WP Reset

WP Reset - Best Plugins for Starting a Site

WP Reset is a WordPress plugin made for both developers and non-developers. It’s a versatile plugin that will make your site deployment faster and easier. Adding new plugins and themes might cause your website to crash, and this plugin will help you with that. It’s one of the best plugins out there for resetting your database, but it offers more than just that.

Some of its core features include:

Taking your website back to a certain point in the past using snapshots. Snapshots are most likely the feature you will use the most. Before any drastic change happens to your site, a snapshot is automatically made, so you can go back if a problem happens. You can also create the snapshot yourself if you’d feel safer that way.

This plugin enables you to easily install all your favorite plugins and themes with just one click using collections. You can create a collection of your favorite plugins and themes and install them on any of your sites without any problems.

Everything is stored in the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing your stuff. If your hosting fails, you can always be sure that your snapshots and collections are safe in the cloud. You can even sign up for the WP Reset cloud service, so storing data in your cloud will be done automatically.

In this plugin, there is also the Emergency Recovery Script included. Using this script, you can recover your site even in the worst situations. If some of the core files are missing, or you can’t access your admin dashboard, or any other difficult situation happens, this will help you. ERS gives you various information about your server and WordPress installation, enables you to restore user privileges, use your snapshots, and so on.

Plugins for Starting a Site

There are many more features included in this plugin that enable you to go into more detail and personalize everything to your liking.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Plugins for Starting a Site

One of the first things recommended after you start building a new website is to set up a coming soon page. A coming soon page will inform your visitors about your plans and the future of the website. In just a few steps, you can set up a beautiful coming soon page using one of the premade templates included in Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode. They are truly well made, and there’s at least one for any type of website.

You can set up an under maintenance page if you’re making bigger changes to your website and need to update your visitors on that. This enables you to keep your visitors even while the website is down.

You can personalize all the designs to your taste even more. It also supports autoresponder, CRM, webinar, and marketing software so you can work on building relationships with your visitors even while the website is down.

This plugin even helps you with your SEO optimization, so you can keep your website in the top results.

WP Sticky

WP Sticky - Best Plugins for Starting a Site

WP Sticky is a plugin made for creating sticky elements from any part of your website. Sticky elements appear like any other element while you’re looking at them, but when you scroll past them, they still remain on your screen. Sticky elements are used on most websites. They make navigating the website easier but also make it look more interesting and stylish.

WP Sticky enables you to create sticky elements without any programming and in just a few clicks. It’s super simple to use and still so effective.

WP 301 Redirects

Plugins for Starting a Site

This plugin can instantly boost your traffic by controlling your redirects. WP 301 Redirects fixes SEO issues, redirections, and 404 errors. When users mistype a URL, the plugin automatically redirects them to a page with the right URL. You can even change how sensitive the plugin is to typos.

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A lot of traffic can be lost in typos in the URL or when you change the URL to your website and users can’t find the new one. This plugin can fix your problems and stop users from getting that annoying 404 page not found error. It even keeps your SEO intact when you change website URLs. Using the analytics from this plugin, you can keep track of redirections and traffic on your site.

Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box - Best Plugins for Starting a Site

Simple Author Box is a plugin that helps you add a fully responsive author box to your website. It’s simple to use, and it provides all the tools you need for making a stylish author box.

It shows the name, avatar, website, description, and also social icons. There is an option for adding co-authors and Cheap Guest Post Service as well. You can fully customize the design to match it with your website design. An author box can be automatically set at the end of a post.

This is just a really nice way to give credit to the authors. It gives you more traffic by showing that you care but also helps authors by showing off their work. Plus, it’s really simple to use.

Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget - Best Plugins for Starting a Site

Google Maps Widget is one of the most popular map plugins for WordPress. It can save you money because you don’t have to pay the API bill to Google and time because it’s just simple to use. The plugin is also efficiently optimized, so it won’t slow down your website.

You can add unlimited maps and pins, take advantage of street view and directions, add maps anywhere on your site, and so on; it’s an ideal tool for starting a travel blog.. It’s also fully responsive, so it will look great on any device. You are even able to customize the design to match it with your overall website design. What more can you ask from a plugin like this?


As already mentioned, there isn’t one plugin “to rule them all”; most have their qualities and uniqueness. The point is to choose the one optimal for your needs. All of these plugins will make some tasks a lot easier to do, and they can be used for most types of websites. If you’re serious about building your website, you should really consider getting these.

Here’s a quick recap of the plugins mentioned in this article:

WP Reset – This makes testing plugins and themes so much easier, and you don’t have to worry about breaking something because you can fix things with just one click.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode – Pages created with this plugin can attract visitors even before the website is actually launched and fully developed. You can engage with your visitors and inform them about updates.

WP Sticky – Sicky elements are just a really nice way to make navigating your website a lot easier, but they also make your website more stylish.

WP 301 Redirects – Broken links and having visitors get 404 error pages can ruin your website traffic. With just a few clicks and this plugin, these problems can be permanently fixed.

Simple Author Box – Giving authors credit for their work can go a long way, from them being more thankful and working harder to new visitors wanting to join in on the work.

Google Maps Widget – Adding maps to your website can make it feel more engaging, especially if otherwise the visitor would have to google your locations.

Honorable mentions – if your site will be a WooCommerce site, adding the plugins WooCommerce Order Export and WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping is also a good idea.

We hope that this article will make your website just even a little bit better, and we wish you a lot of success.

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