Following every prayer and bringing spirituality into our routine life is tough. However, prayers connect us with God and help us speak to the Creator. All of us gain a special form of satisfaction after offering prayers.

Unfortunately, we are so tied up in worldly matters that it keeps us away from religiosity. But we can always revitalize our prayers. Thankfully, we are gifted with technology, like mobile apps.

Just as apps are helping us in every other aspect of life, they can play an integral role in freshening up our spirituality. Apps are the best option for jump-starting your prayer life. Here are the following ways in which apps can help you:

1. Auto Reminders

If you stay busy for the whole day and often forget your prayers, an app can remind you. For instance, I always pray to get up for the morning prayer, but I never wake up. When I installed an app, it helped me in getting up at an exact time.

Since apps remind you of each prayer, I feel guilty when I do not offer even a single prayer for the whole day. This thing pushes me to follow all the prayers in the coming days.

2. Access to Religious Verses

Repeating a mantra is a special form of prayer. It gives inner satisfaction and lets us stay connected with God no matter where we are. However, sometimes we wish to pray but do not have access to religious books. Now, apps can be used for reciting verses and offering prayers on the go. Many apps have a list of verses so you can easily track which verse you have recited, and which is left.

3. Prayer Plans and Tips

If you are finding it hard to stay on your new prayer journey, apps can help you. Many of the religious apps offer prayer plans. We can easily follow these plans and enjoy this new change in life.

Besides this, if you feel lazy in following the prayer plan, apps can always provide you some tips. For instance, starting your day with a morning walk, eating healthy food, performing yoga, etc.

So, this is how an app can help in nourishing your religious journey. Let me now share some apps that can help you in spiritual transformation. These apps are:

  • Muslim and Quran Pro

Muslim and Quran Pro is an all-in-one app that provides everything you need to give a fresh spiritual start. Yes, from accurate prayer timings to Quran translation and namaz reminders to Hadith and dua, it has everything in it.

For those looking forward to understanding the literal meaning of Quranic verses, it offers phonetics and Arabic grammar. So, you can begin with Quranic grammar, understand what is written in this book, and then practice each saying in daily life.

Furthermore, there is an audio recitation and reminders. It can bring a drastic change to your life by providing knowledge about Quranic verses on a daily basis. Besides this, it will remind you for the prayer, so you will start offering regular prayers in a few days. So, if you want to keep just one app on your phone, this can be the right choice.

  • Daily One Quran Verse

If you want to regain the strength of worship, installing Daily One Quran Verse is not a bad idea. At times we think about building our connection with the Creator, but we often fail. For maintaining this connection, there should be something that constantly reminds us about our religious path.

Since this app sends Quranic translations on a daily basis, it is an ideal way of keeping our minds on the religious track. Knowing the Quranic verses and their meaning also reminds us about praying. The app works offline, and there is no need to download anything.

Furthermore, you can select your preferred timings for getting the translations.

  • Prayer Time, Quran, Qibla, Dua, Tasbih

Just like Muslim Pro, this app also provides everything under one roof. People who are planning to refresh their religious life should have this app on their smartphones. Having auto-reminders for prayer time lets you pray at exact timings.

Besides this, it fuels you with some extra spirituality by providing information regarding extra prayers like tahajjud, ishraq, etc. You can also know the sunrise, sunset, and makrooh time for prayers from this app.

The app is mainly in the Bengali language, but you can read the Tafseer in multiple languages. Furthermore, it lets you build your social connections, which is another mandatory aspect for regaining spirituality.

Yes, joining a religious group and meeting spiritual people leave a lasting impact on your life. Therefore, this app provides an opportunity to join weekly zoom meetings where lectures and question/answer sessions are arranged.

  • Remember Allah – Auto Reminders

One essential thing for rejuvenating your prayer life is remembering the existence of God. When we get busy with routine chores, we forget the existence and power of the Creator. This app is a wonderful opportunity for you to rebuild your prayer life. It automatically connects you with the Creator by sending reminders throughout the day.

Additionally, it reminds you about mandatory prayers, repeating Quranic verses, and reciting special duas on special occasions. In other words, it works like a spiritual mentor who reminds you about religiosity every day and night.

Wrapping It Up

In short, revitalizing the prayer life is not difficult. Luckily, we are gifted with thousands of apps that help us in refreshing our prayer life. Even if our motivation level is zero, apps help us regain the strength to pray and rebuild our spiritual connection. They send us reminders, help us maintain a prayer log, set us a schedule for monthly prayers, and send spiritual verses.

For this, you can download many well-known Muslim apps. Some of them include Muslim Pro, Daily One Quran Verse, Prayer Time, Remember Allah, etc. These apps are embedded with amazing features that help us stay firm on the religious track.

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