Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There has been a lot of advancement and development in artificial intelligence over the years, but it has all been targeted toward business and industry. However, some firms are now developing artificial intelligence solutions for personal use. Some of these tools are on the market.

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of current technological developments. AI enables machines to gain from human experience, complete tasks, and adapt to new inputs. This article will provide a selection of artificial intelligence technologies that are great for personal use.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Personal Assistants

  • Siri: Siri is available only to Apple users. She can assist you with meetings, keep you informed about entertainment, check emails and messages, and even text on your behalf.
  • Cortana: Based on the data saved in a user’s Smartphone, this voice-controlled AI tool generates a variety of customized suggestions. This application usesthe Bing search engine.
  • Xai: Amy schedules meetings also reply to all your emails. You must update or adjust the status to either available or busy to make this AI tool work.
  • Alexa:Alexa is an AI tool developed by Amazon for virtual assistance. It supports various functions includingseveral smart gadgets for home automation.

In-home AI Tools

  • UnifyID: This AI tool recognizes your identity based on the way you move and sit.
  • Bridge kitchen:This is the ideal kitchen assistant for assisting you in navigating your way around the kitchen.
  • Ems: Looking for a lovely place to live? This AI program will assist you in locating a handy and perfect area to reside.

Work AI Tools

There are AI technologies that can be useful, especially at work. They are as follows:

  • Mosaic:This is useful while drafting a curriculum vitae. It works by making certain that you write the greatest CV possible.
  • Carly:Are you looking for an AI to assist you to handle your phone calls? Carly should be able to do this for you soon.
  • Woo:Aids you in making wiser and better judgments that will benefit your career.
  • Newton:Are you looking for your ideal job? This tool will assist you in locating your ideal career.
  • Robby:Are you always forgetting things? One of the greatest AI tools for creating a smart calendar.
  • Notion:This application aids with email organization, overload, and communication.
  • Stella:This program not only assists you with job scanning but also assists you with the full application process.


  • Brightcrowd —assists you in making important professional relationships.
  • ai — dating app with Face Search.
  • Eezy — Eezy helps you focus on having fun by managing your evenings.
  • Hashley — Your photographs’ snarky hashtag and comment generator
  • ai — can remind you of your hotness level.
  • ai — Useful insights and relationship intelligence
  • Rey — connects you to people you oughtto meet (work and play)

Medical/health AI Tools

There are AI tools that can be useful, especially if you or a loved one becomes ill. They are as follows:

  • Amelie: A helpful chatbot focused on mental health. If you are struggling with psychological challenges, this might be a useful tool.
  • Abi: An aide who looks after your health.
  • Kiwi: An artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can assist you in reducing your smoking or quitting completely. If you are suffering from smoking or quitting, give this tool a go and see how effective it may be.
  • Bitesnap: A food identification AI tool that allows you to measure calories by just snapping a photo of the food.
  • Joy: It not only helps you keep track of your mental health, but it also helps you enhance your overall mental health.
  • ai: An artificial intelligence (AI) tool for diagnosing tooth grinding and snoring.
  • Ada — If you’re feeling under the weather, this tool may come in handy.
  • ai — Assists you in caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s.
  •— simplifies lab results to understand.

Education AI Tools

  • Woogie:A conversational AI tool that makes exploration and learning more fun for children.
  • Thirdleap:An amazing tool for youngsters that makes math easy.
  • Coursera —  online courses from prestigious universities
  • Knewton —  personalized learning for high and primary schools
  • Gradescope —  simplifies the tiresome parts of grading
  • Hugh — enables library users to instantly locate any book.
  • ai —  Chatbot for customer service in higher education

Shopping AI Tools

Are you a shopaholic? These AI tools will help you enjoy shopping with ease online. They include:

  • Fify:A great shopping assistant for clothes.
  • Entrupy:Helps you find all high-end items from renowned designers. It also assists you in ensuring that all products are authentic.
  • ai:An excellent tool for finding all the clothes you want online.
  • GoFind:All that is required is a photo, and this AI tool will locate the appropriate apparel online.

Music AI Tools

  • Pandora:Discovers and collects all the soundtracks that may interest you or you may enjoy.
  • Aiva: All emotional soundtracks are composed for you.

Finance AI Tools

  • Andy: A tax accountant that can assist you with all your transactions.
  • Abe:Provides you with rapid answers to any financial issues you may have.
  • Wallet:This tool makes it simple for you to make financial decisions daily.
  • Mylo: This AI tool rounds up all your everyday purchases, and any spare change is invested wisely.
  • Ara:This is a necessary AI tool, especially when it comes to planning your finances.
  • Roger:It makes it easy for you to take off all your bills.
  • Bond: This amazing AI tool with help you achieve all your financial objectives.

Research AI Tools

  • ai:It expedites your study by providing a summary of searchability and articles.
  • Apollo:Simplifies all your PDFs and articles into quick, legible short dot points.
  • Iris:It helps in picturing and researching various concepts in the research papers you are working on.

Travel AI Tools

Are you interested in visiting a new city? Looking to have some fun or have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in your location or country? Some of the AI technologies that can make all this feasible are listed below.

  • Emma: This Travel AI tool calculates and adds the time required for your meeting travel automatically.
  • Ada: This is an AI tool that assists with navigation and decision-making.
  • Spatial: reveals the social strata of the cities you are visiting.
  • ETA: It is especially useful for organizing your trip meetings and itinerary.
  • Ready:This is a fantastic time prediction AI tool for travel and traffic forecasts.
  • Mezi:Another helpful AI tool for booking hotels, flights, and restaurant reservations that can make life easy for you.


  • Kythera — in-game AI to aid game developers in development.

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AI will pave the path for technology to power our daily life in the coming years. A billion or more linked gadgets will actively seek assistance from the most advanced AI systems. When this occurs, AI will transform the way humans interact, work, and perform all their daily tasks.