Add Hibernate to the Start Menu in Windows 10

Most people do not want to turn off their PC or laptop every time they use it because it is too much effort and it takes time to turn on and off your PC. But now you don’t have to worry about this because if you have Windows 10 installed on your PC you can add the hibernate button to your Start menu to shut down your PC.

The Hibernate mode is similar to shutting down your PC. The power button completely switches of your computer but in the hibernate mode your work is saved and the power is turned off but not completely. So if you use the hibernate mode you wouldn’t have to close all your documents and tabs which means that you can resume your work every time you use the hibernate mode in Windows 10.

Now you can add hibernate mode to your Windows 10 Start menu with the Shut Down button by simply following the below steps. In most cases the hibernate button is already there but if isn’t then you can follow the steps;

  • Go to start menu
  • Click on the Control Panel
  • Now go to the Hardware and Sound/Power Option tab in the control panel


  • Now select the power option
  • Click the Change Settings that are currently unavailable link.


  • The Shutdown options will become editable.
  • Check the option there called Hibernate (Show in Power menu).Here are Before and After pictures.




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