Do you want to educate people with how-to videos? How-to videos are among the best forms of content that can provide instructions to viewers. Unlike textual instructions, the visual elements in how-to videos establish context, making the content easier to comprehend. From educating prospects to demonstrating software usage, how-to videos can serve various purposes.

Explainer clips, product demos and instructional videos are significant examples of how-to content.

You can improve engagement and build trust with your audience with high-quality how-to videos. The good news is that you can make videos online without holding a professional degree in video editing. Although the video-making process is incredibly simple, you will need a laptop and internet to begin your journey.

Here are 5 smart tips for making a catchy and effective how-to video from scratch.

1. Choose a trending topic for your how-to video

When it comes to how-to videos, you must create your content around a trending topic that your viewers are likely interested in. Apart from being easily searchable, trending topics always show up on top of search engine result pages. Your choice of topic can go a long way in impacting the visibility of your content online. So, set aside some time from your tight schedule and research the topics your competitors have covered in the past.

Try to dig into people’s queries on the internet to find out what kind of how-to content will best cater to their needs. Once you are done with the research, the next step is to finalise the topic for your how-to video. The topic you select at the end should be interesting and relevant to your brand. Moreover, the topic must highlight your expertise and knowledge in the field. 

2. Harness, an online video editor

There was a time when making how-to videos was a challenging task. But things are no longer the same, thanks to technological advances we have witnessed over the years. If you are new to making how-to videos and don’t have much skill, you must tap into the power of a web-based video editor. Online video editors boast a massive selection of 5000+ how-to video templates to help you make videos online with utmost ease.

It would be best to consider opting for an online editor that is free to use and comes equipped with an intuitive user interface. With a web-based video editor at your service, you can enrich your how-to videos with super engaging background music. The best online video making tools are armed with an inbuilt media library, where you can find royalty-free songs and instrumentals for your how-to videos. 

3. Jump straight into the topic

The attention span of human beings has indeed slumped to a great extent. Most viewers click away from videos that fail to capture their attention within the first couple of seconds. Also, we live in a fast-paced world where people are engrossed in the hustle and hardly have time to consume lengthy videos online. This is why you must not waste too much time emphasising the importance of the topic, as this can have a negative impact on the audience retention rate.

So, address the topic right away instead of beating around the bush unnecessarily. Sticking to a friendly and conversational tone will definitely work in your favour. Don’t assume that your audience is too smart and knows everything about the topic. You must articulately explain intricate subjects and give a solution to the issue at hand.

4. Add captions for easy comprehension

How-to videos are mainly created to instruct people and demonstrate how products work. Closed captions must accompany how-to videos to solve pertinent issues to facilitate easy comprehension. Captions can prove useful for people who watch videos without turning the sound on. Closed captions can make your video simpler to understand, especially for people who suffer from hearing difficulties.

Another great advantage of captions is making your content easily discoverable on the internet. Search engines like Google and YouTube have long been known to index closed captions. Therefore, you can increase the ranking of your how-to content in a flash simply by including closed captions in your videos. 

5. Spruce up your how-to video with simple effects and transitions

It is no secret that the internet is already brimming with millions of how-to videos. You must add that extra zing to your videos to gain an edge over other creators in the industry. This is where cool video effects and transitions can come to your rescue. Online editors feature a superb range of effects that can work wonders for lending personality to your how-to content.

Consider using a combination of different animations and effects that resonate well with the theme of your how-to video. Although effects and transitions are meant to uplift the appeal of how-to videos, they should never be overused at any cost. The overuse of effects and animations can spoil your video content altogether. Hence, you should keep the usage of effects and transitions to a minimum so that the appeal of your video stays intact. 

Final Words 

We all know that how-to videos have become a big favourite among netizens. What’s good about how-to content is that it can engage customers and make your brand look more reliable. The increase in the popularity of how-to videos can be ascribed to rising internet adoption across the globe. With so many creators working on how-to video content, it is clear why competition is touching new highs. Now that 82% of the internet is about to be video, content creators must unveil their creative side to stand out from the pack.

Best of all, you don’t have to make a significant investment to hire a professional to make splendid how-to videos. You can easily make videos online by relying on a web-based video maker. Make sure you adhere to all the editing tips above while making how-to videos to leave a lasting impression on your audience.