Quick commerce is here to stay for a long time. With the increasing penetration of smartphones and wide access to the Internet, people no longer need to leave their houses to buy groceries and other essentials. Instead, they can deliver them right to their door, saving time and money.

People are becoming digital, so businesses are. With the emergence of mobile applications, all the shopping is just a single click away. And groceries, food, medicines are no exception. Due to the ease of use and comfort, online grocery delivery apps have gained immense popularity in the last decade. As a result, the demand for online grocery delivery apps is increasing, and there are some obvious reasons behind this rapid growth.

Earlier, people were quite hesitant about buying groceries online, but the sudden pandemic situation increased the usage of these apps. And the convenience factor of these apps promoted people to buy groceries online. Attractive deals, real-time tracking features, doorstep delivery, etc., are the major reasons why more and more people order groceries online.

One of the insight surveys reveals that more than 78.7% of customers have used at least one grocery delivery app throughout the corona pandemic. In addition to discounts and deals, grocery apps frequently offer rewards in enticing discounts. Having these grocery delivery apps at your fingertips can save you time and money when you need fresh groceries at a reasonable price within a short time.

There are many grocery delivery apps to take inspiration from, and all are doing well in their respective regions. However, before jumping down on the list of best grocery delivery apps, let’s go through some of the eye-popping grocery delivery statistics.

Fascinating Grocery Delivery Statistics

The online grocery delivery apps are here to stay. Perhaps, everyone across the globe would have used at least one grocery delivery app at the end of the day. It could be either Shipt, Instacart, Grofers, BigBasket, or Rappi. Looking at the current demand, people’s relationship with online grocery delivery apps has become unbreakable.

Let’s go through some jaw-dropping statistics that help you understand the market better,

  • As the pandemic spread across the globe, the record number of daily grocery app downloads has been increasing. According to the research conducted by Apptopia, Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Shipt have experienced their downloads surge by 218%,160%, and 124% in the first quarter of the lockdown.
  • According to the Global Data Analysis and Forecast, the global online grocery delivery market reached $8,045 billion in 2017 and will soon reach $11,204.5 billion by 2022.
  • The same report also revealed that, by 2022, almost 10% of all grocery sales would likely be made online.
  • Additionally, eMarketer’s study reveals that more than 37$ of US adults admitted they were digitally shopping for groceries more often.
  • Coresight Research revealed that around 6% of users claimed that they bought groceries online from Amazon in the past year and will continue to follow that pattern in the years to come.

People today lack time. Many people, especially from the urban area, don’t prefer to visit grocery stores physically. Instead of that, they are looking for convenient options, and here, grocery delivery apps come to the rescue. However, the high demand for grocery delivery apps has led to tremendous success in these apps. And if you look around, the market is flooded with this kind of app. So, if you are one of those entrepreneurs who want to have their grocery delivery app, here we have provided the list of the best providers.

Elluminati Inc

Having extensive experience in this particular domain, Elluminati Inc has designed and developed the best grocery delivery platform that helps entrepreneurs take their business to endless possibilities in the digital space.


OrangeMantra is the top on-demand grocery app development company that delivers customized solutions for each industry. Streamline your business with their scalable app solutions developed to match the requirements of the evolving grocery delivery economy.

Octal Info Solution

Octal Info Solution is a key grocery delivery application provider, and its vision is to create and deliver high-quality software applications. With a pool of skilled developers and designers, they have been providing solutions for a long time.

Now, without any further ado, let’s go through the five best grocery delivery apps you can use in 2022.

5 Best Grocery Delivery Apps For You

Grocery Store

Source: eMarketer                                              

Apart from visiting offline stores, there are numerous grocery delivery apps that you can use by downloading on your smartphone. All these apps are easy to use; all you have to do is choose the items and then order them at your location. Let’s have a look at the best grocery delivery apps that have a fantastic collaboration with supermarkets and offer the users the best in class service.


Instacart is one of the popular groceries delivery apps based in the USA. When it comes to finding and getting daily essentials right at your doorstep as quickly and conveniently as possible with an affordable delivery fee from popular supermarkets, Instacart is one of the best options out there. Instacart is available in more than hundreds of cities across the country.


BigBasket is one of the best Indian grocery delivery apps, which operates in more than 25 Indian cities. BigBasket has more than 18000 products from thousand plus brands and boasts a customer base of six million across India. However, due to the pandemic, the brand has experienced an 84% increase in customer base. The company has been funded by 17 investors, including Alibaba and CDC Groups.


Shipt is another USA-based grocery delivery application that operates in certain cities of the USA and has more than 50,000 shoppers. The company has collaborated with retailers like Target, Whole Foods, Costco, etc., and has employed hundreds of delivery providers to deliver groceries in the least possible time.


Peapod is a Chicago-based grocery delivery app that offers groceries and other essentials in more than 25 US cities, including Washington, Boston, Indiana, and Chicago. The unique feature of Peapod is it lets users make grocery lists within the app. The app also has a unique algorithm that understands the consumer’s requirements and offers filtered results depending on their needs.

Walmart Grocery Delivery

This Walmart grocery delivery app is an extension of the Walmart store. Walmart has been a household name for a long time, so people were shocked when Walmart rolled out its delivery service. We can get most of the products from Walmart stores under this app. It’s easy to choose a delivery time slot with Walmart delivery. You can receive the items for an additional cost that ranges from $8-10. Or, you can take a subscription that costs $13 for a month or $100 per year and get deliveries for free.

Grocery Delivery Apps Are Here to Stay

The pandemic has permanently altered eCommerce, as has grocery shopping – meaning how consumers get their groceries has never been the same again. All apps are the best in their ways; what makes a difference is your choice and trust in the app and its services. The world has become smart where technology fulfills all wishes. So order the products and rate the app to make it easier for others.

And if you look around, you will find the market flooded with it. But to cut your dilemma of which app you should be choosing, we have created a list of the 6 best online grocery shopping apps to use in 2022. Keep reading to find more.

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