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You can change some of the settings on your Android device, but you need root access if you want to modify the feel and look of your Android device in the way you want. In the past, people can root their device only through a computer. However, several new advancements are provided by Android developers to make the task easy. 360 Root App is the best rooting app which is specially designed for all Android devices and it performs functions without a computer.

If you are using an Android tablet or smartphone and need one-click access to root the device, download 360 Root Apk All Versions for Free, install it and immediately root the device by pressing the button. It is necessary to download the relevant app for Android because a single app cannot be compatible with every device. It usually depends on firmware versions and phone model. We have provided all the versions of 360 Root Apk so you can download the most compatible one.

Features of 360 Root App

  • Get One-click Root:

You can easily get one-click access to root your device by just pressing the “Root” button provided by the application.

  • Enjoy Simple User Interface:

If you are using this app, you can easily root your device due to its simple UI. All you have to do to root your Android phone is to download 360 Root App, install it and press the “Root” button.

  • Remove Applications that are Pre-installed:

If you have unwanted apps that are pre-installed in the system of your Android device, 360 Root app can delete them. This is undoubtedly the best feature this app provides.

  • Lock Gallery:

By installing 360 Root app, you can lock the gallery on your Android devices. You don’t have to download a separate app to lock the gallery as 360 Root provides this function.

  • Delete Cache:

This app lets you delete cache files from the Android device so that the performance can improve instantaneously.

How to Download 360 Root

You can find several versions of this app online. This is the reason why we have provided all the old and latest version of 360 Root Apk with several functionalities. To download the 360 Root Apk, select the desired version and follow the steps below.

  • On your Android device, go to Settings, select Security, then click on Unknown Sources and check the box that provides the option to allow third-party apps
  • Download 360 Root App from the given link on this page
  • Find the APK file on your Android device and install it by following the instructions provided on the screen
  • After you done with it, click on home screen and find the app you installed to root your device in a single click

Download 360_ROOT V8.1.1.3.apk

Download 360_ROOT V8.1.1.1.apk

Download 360_ROOT V8.1.0.0.apk

Download 360_ROOT V8.0.1.1.apk

Download 360_ROOT V8.0.0.0

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.6.5

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.6.2

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.5.7

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.3.7

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.3.3

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.3.0

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.1.1

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.0

Download 360_ROOT V7.1.6

Download 360_ROOT V7.1.4

Download 360_ROOT V7.1.2

Download 360_ROOT V7.0.4

Download 360_ROOT V7.0.3

Download 360_ROOT V6.5.5

Download 360_ROOT V6.4.2

Download 360_ROOT V3.0.2

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