The science has spoken!

A glass of wine a day can have many health benefits. Studies have shown benefits such as a reduction in chronic inflammation, improved overall heart health, better mental health, and more diverse gut bacteria.

Do you need much more convincing to open that bottle of red tonight? Only one or two glasses a day is beneficial, so what exactly are you supposed to do with the rest of the precious wine?

Before you place the open bottle on the door of the refrigerator to have another day, stop right there! To give your wine the longest and tastiest life possible, you’ll need to brush up on your wine preservation techniques.

Light, heat, and oxygen are all enemies to the quality and composition of wine. To protect your opened wine from going bad, avoid these common preservation mistakes.

1. Open Spouts

Storing your wine bottle without a top is not only potentially very messy, but also a big wine preservation mistake!

To preserve everyday wines, seal your open bottle with a cork, screw top, or reusable stopper. Close the bottle in between pours to really go the extra mile to save your wine.

There are wine storage systems made for just this problem. They help protect the wine from the harmful effects of oxidation that occur during long-term storage.

The most popular wine preservation system is known as the vacuum pump. It removes air from the bottle so that oxygen can’t come into contact with the wine.

A more expensive wine preservation method is called an inert wine gas system. These work by adding a heavy gas into the bottle that settles in a layer onto the wine and protects it from oxidation.

2. Horizontal Bottles

One easy storage mistake to avoid is storing an opened bottle of wine on its side.

Store wine upright so that there’s less surface area exposed to air.

The less oxygen exposure, the better!

3. Refrigerator

Wine Preservation

It might make sense to store your wine in the fridge. You want to keep it cold and crisp after all! Even the science backs it up; colder temperatures slow down oxidation.

Turns out that the refrigerator is not the best environment for your open wine long-term. The constant opening and closing of the fridge, along with the steady vibrations, are not conducive to preserving wine.

A once opened bottle of wine will be okay in the refrigerator for about five days. Anything after that can cause the wine to go bad from oxidation and make it taste like vinegar.

Don’t put the wine on top of your refrigerator either! The heat that comes off of the constantly running appliance will accelerate the oxidation process.

For your wine to truly stay fresh and flavorful for a long time, you’ll need a consistently cool, dark place to store it.

Wine Preservation Guru

To keep your wine from going bad, avoid these typical wine preservation mistakes. That half-drunken and capless bottle of white wine on the bottom shelf from the last holidays may look enticing, but trust us, toss it.

For more articles like this one, check out the rest of our blog. Don’t forget your wine!

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