Creating and overseeing campaigns is a great way to do your marketing. Yet if you want to see real growth in your brand, you need to lead your marketing.

Strong marketing leadership is the only way to maintain a consistent brand. Consistency keeps customers loyal because the brands understand them on a deep level.

Yet, the term isn’t as familiar as it should be. What does marketing leadership mean? How can it help you to ‘own’ your brand?

Read on to learn more, and enjoy our 3 tips to making the most of this valuable role.

  1. Be Persistent in your Vision

Let’s start with an example. You may not have heard of Ken Kutaragi, but you will have heard of his legacy. That’s the Sony PlayStation.

In the early 1990s, Nintendo dominated the gaming market. Kutaragi worked for Sony. He saw the potential in the gaming market.

He spearheaded internal development for Sony within their PlayStation division. In 1995, Sony pre-sold 100,000 consoles before the PlayStation launch.

The lesson? Show leadership qualities in marketing. Stay true to your vision, and be persistent in making it happen.

  1. Take Inspiration From Many Sources

There can be a tendency for marketers to stick to following established marketing advice. It’s not an awful idea since it’s proven to work.

Yet if you want to pursue marketing leadership roles, you need to get more creative. Take Richard Marques as an example. The CEO of Revcontent combined different sources of information on his path to the top.

In his case, that meant starting with a childhood spent watching infomercials. Next, he got a degree in advertising. Last, he took internships in the music industry.

Mixing these three areas gave him unique insights so that he could produce more innovative marketing. Marketing leadership depends on thinking in this way. You can read more about Marques for extra marketing management tips.

  1. Work On Your People Skills

One of the key differences between creating marketing and leading marketing is people. Specifically, it’s how you manage people.

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You need to get executives on board with your ideas. Then you need to inspire the creative department to execute them.

This will mean listening to the right people and encouraging their ideas along the way. It also means assembling a creative team of specialists to make your visions a reality.

Marketing leaders don’t have time to do everything themselves, so they know the value of a great team. Yet, they also know the importance of executive buy-in. You need to know how to move between these two parts of the brand.

Succeed In Marketing Leadership

Marketing leadership may not get the same air time as customer avatars or developing funnels. Yet leadership is fundamental to reaching customers, building loyalty, and maintaining a brand.

Focusing on leadership and professional development will add a new dimension to your marketing career. You can follow a whole new trajectory—and take your brand with you.

Keen to continuing honing your career? Check out our Business articles for more tips and advice.

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