Online presence and content marketing strategy are must-haves for all businesses who want to keep up with the market trends, and competitors and retain customers. These days, corporate websites are not enough to communicate with your regular and new consumers.

You obviously need to have accounts on popular social media to prove your reliability and build strong relationships with your customers. Along with posting regular content, you have to be sure that this content is relevant to your followers, brings them value, and brings profit to your business. You cannot do it manually, but you can boldly use social media monitoring apps to track the efficiency of your content marketing strategy. Thus, we prepared a compilation of the most popular social media monitoring apps for your business. Keep reading to learn more about them.


Semrush can be named the leader among popular social media monitoring apps used in many business industries. It consists of 50+ different tools used for tracking the presence of your business in diverse social networks. Basically, these solutions provide the options of holding industry research, exploring competitors, and analyzing your content due to keywords.

In addition, these tools can be easily integrated with other project or task management solutions to provide seamless work for the marketing department. This tool suits businesses of different sizes and specializations that care about the online reputation of their brands.


Brandwatch is a scalable set of different tools for high-quality social media monitoring of businesses. It helps companies to evaluate the customer experience, analyze their reviews about the business and provide actions on how to improve the relationships between their brands and consumers.

The customer information is processed using AI technology, so Brandwatch provides valuable insights into how customers interact with your brand and what they expect from this communication on social media. This tool helps reveal the weak sides of your marketing strategy to turn them into strengths.

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a monitoring app used directly for Twitter. Basically, all users can see the overall statistics of each tweet—numbers of clicks, retweets, general impressions, comments, likes, etc. It is great that you freely see this information, but does it bring any value to you? It doesn’t show the real interaction with your tweet and doesn’t provide the analysis of what tweets work better for your business.

Twitter Counter provides the monitoring of several accounts simultaneously, creation of custom reports and statistics, saving and exporting data, and so on.


Hootsuite is supposed to be the most popular social media monitoring app all over the world. It allows tracking activities and interactions on different social networks, particularly Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Google+, and some others. Besides, you can create calendars for each of your accounts and schedule posts in advance.

The tool also provides access for several users, so you can boldly entrust your social media profiles to different managers but monitor the activities from a single app.


Buffer is an easy-to-use pusher for social media profiles of your business. As the content is posted, it automatically sends the link and previews to the social media accounts of your company. You can schedule posts for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+.

 You just need to write reviews for each social network and schedule publications to a particular date and time. After 2-3 days as the content is posted, Buffer will show the statistics of interactions with each post within the application.

Zoho Desk

Zoho is a huge corporation that offers various management tools for businesses of diverse industries. Zoho Desk is directly used for monitoring the activities of your business on social media. It has an extensive range of functions, among which are scheduling the posts, automated responses to customers’ requests, analysis of the performance of the content on social media accounts, and others.

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Zoho Desk provides the option of managing different brands within the same interface, tracking the statistics and presence on social networks.  


Reputation tool is tasked with improving the overall customer experience and interaction with your brand. Along with tracking the online presence of your business, it aims to collect all customer reviews related to your products and services. It is an excellent approach how to revealing the weak sides of your company and build a precise action plan on how to change them. It can be integrated with numerous popular social media, so you could know the specifics of promoting for each of these social channels.


Sendible is another great social media monitoring tool that is capable of uniting all your business social media profiles within one solution. It partially replaces the need for human resources. It automates the posting, monitoring, and reporting processes. After the content is published, you receive the data of all interactions with these posts that you can use for further analysis of your marketing strategy. Sendible also suggests the best time of the day to post your content, depending on the selected social network.


BuzzSumo combines all possible functions required for efficient social media monitoring. Along with tracking your content, you can freely explore your competitors and analyze their content to find the perfect formula for yours. BuzzSumo provides the monitoring of various social networks, particularly Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. The tool can be boldly used for businesses of different sizes and directions.

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is the last popular social media monitoring tool we would like to highlight. It unites different functions within a single platform. It allows you to schedule the posts for different social networks, writing previews and adding visual content in advance. Then, all data from social media profiles is collected and analyzed to see the efficiency of your content marketing strategy.

 In addition, you can manage your advertising campaigns through this application. Agora Pulse provides free and paid accounts, depending on the functions you require.

To Conclude

As you see, the tools are similar in functionality but still have some peculiarities. Before using any of them for your business accounts, we recommend reading the reviews on the custom writing service BestWritersOnline from the current users to know which business industry a certain tool suits best.

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